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Mission Impossible


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Here the results of our fun match for our guests


First: Thanks all for playing :D


Match was a bit fast, near 30 minutes for all maps...

never thought this bcs in regular games it needs eternities

to place the bombs...


Seberian strife: the fat thingys with da helmets ran in

and blow in 5 minutes...owned by red team


Russian rampage: heavy shooting on bomb place...

1st bomb deactivated but the 2nd blows up...owned by red again


MvitV: Few bombs placed and deactivated...then the ugly guards

can place before the red team...both countdows ran

Guards bomb blows first...owned by blue team


Peril in poland: Snipers everywhere, then the blue team rush in..

place...and countdown was over...boom...owned by blue team


Mutiny on mars: Some players left between but i think teams where still even

team blue blowed up both doors of the red's base after some fast and furios fights..

owned by blue


So we have a 3 to 2 for the blue team...the ugly guards


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