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maps updated ...finals

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UPDATED FILES at my filefront page AS OF 7\14\06


final versions of ...


1. DD Silent Thunder Dome {un-tested but completed} {final}


2. DD ANOTHER WIZENTHRICK {WAR IN WIZENTHRICK UPGRADED} with bombs ,normal sky,climb the pine trees ,& more {final}





if you have them already you need to download them again...thx & sry for any confusion :blink:

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1. I like the new sky! B)

2. I like the cyanide mashrooms! :D

3. I like your mountains! (Could you make a easy-to-understand tutorial how to make them? ;) )

4. I like Silent Thunder Storm, but it is very slow for me (I really have to buy a new PC but they are all so expensive :( )

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  • 4 weeks later...

1. thx

2. thx again

3. thx ,umm... not realy :blink:

i just use the prefabs\Siberia\terain in the tools

and edit them in geo mode use "m" to move nodes ...

or hold left mouse button and drag a gray box over the (node\nodes) to hi-light a node or a group of nodes

and use "b" to move them... to join nodes that are off the grid use "b"...it can put them back on the grid too!

i put the grid down to 1 and move a little at a time ... untill its wat you want.

try to keep the lines in a smooth path dont zig-zag... stay away from sharp shapes, they can look nasty...

pratice on somthin you can delete if you mess up...

its hard to see in all that spaghetti ,so hide and freeze stuff to get it out of the way


4.if Silent thunder dome run slow for you go to Options\Perfourmance\Display\dianamic lighs = off

that will cut the lag alot


i hope that helps :P

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What??! A new map? Invasion in India? Never heard of it!!

Give me the map!! :D


btw (note for the mapmaker).. The prefab helicopters don't make any noise so deleting/changing the SoundFX in Dedit will help..

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How bout organizing a unity match on the big costums...

they where never played before in a match with FULL teams....


My suggests:


Terror in Tokyo, Invasion in India, Cable Car, War in Wiz (new one), MVitV


ooohoooo..someone out there ??? *knock knock knock* O_O


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Yeah, I'm here. I was thinking about having some kind of a match in September once everyone was back in school and used to their schedules. We'll talk about it elsewhere so this thread isn't hijacked.

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