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NOLF campaign extra challenge

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I decided to play nolf 1 and 2 campaign after a long time. I always play on hardest difficulty and this time i would like to add something extra to the gameplay, an extra challenge. To give you an idea what i am looking for ... the last time i played deus ex 3: human revolution that extra challenge was to mostly make non lethal shots and make enemies not be aware of me. As far as i know it is not possible to not sound the alarm in nolf 1 and 2 since lots of scenes are scripted and i dont want to go around without shooting. 

So first thing i know i am going to do is roleplay a secret agent (afterall that is what Cate is :) ), meaning i will try to go around as quiet as possible and miss as little shots as possible, try to sound as little alarms as possible. I would welcome some extra ideas for both nolf1 and nolf2, any ideas to spice my gameplay, make it a little different/better.

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There is a part in NOLF2 where you specifically sneak past the guards if I recall. 

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I am already playing NOLF1 and i set myself some goals. If possible i do silent kills with no alarms. I use coins a lot and wait for guards to get to a good spot. Basicly like i said i am role playing a secret agent. Oh and another thing, so far my goal is to not get hit, i am in berlin and havent been hit yet, obviously on superspy. I do know that there are some missions where it is impossible to get hit, those super women and volkov for instance. But i will do my best :)

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I have a few challenges for people to try (and that I have done) for NOLF 1 but be warned that they are pretty hardcore and will probably involve craftiness in sneaking, running, guard luring and even luck manipulation like reloading quicksaves potentially many times. Even so, some exceptions have to be made. Needless to say no glitching or exploiting allowed in these challenges, if you really want to try them in spirit.


The first challenge is trying to get through the game without killing anyone except kills that are absolutely mandatory, in other words an absolute minimal kill challenge. As exceptions, you can allow cases where guards get themselves killed from environmental hazards like steam or electricity, or where they blow themselves or each other up. Still I recommend trying this on the easy difficulty setting because some levels will still be painfully difficult, and trying it on higher difficulties is just asking for it to be impossible. As another restriction in the spirit of playing the game from a fresh start, I'd advise against bringing/using a weapon or gadget that you wouldn't normally have at that point in the game (so for example no using the Sleep Gas before the Rendezvous in Hamburg chapter). While you are obviously allowed to kill bosses, you are not allowed to kill guards that appear in boss fights like in Inge Wagner's fight, nor the elite guard super girls or any helicopters (and therefore the guards inside them) because you are not required to do so even though your objectives may suggest otherwise. Blow up cars and fuel/chemical barrels if you want, but only if no one will get killed by the explosion.

Aside from actual bosses, the only mandatory kills are:

Misfortune in Morocco: In Scene 1 your objective is to kill all the assassins trying to kill the Ambassador, before they kill him. But don't kill the thugs that try to ambush you afterwards. Also in Scene 2, after reaching Bruno one of your objectives requires you to kill all the thugs that try to kill civilians. Again, don't kill any other thugs such as the ones stationed near bombs or any you come across before reaching Bruno.

Berlin By Night: In Scene 3 after reaching Dr. Schenker, you get an objective to kill four guards that try to ambush you.

Unexpected Turbulence: In Scene 1 one guard blocks the way at the top of the ladder near the cockpit and won't move. Assuming you aren't using weapons or gadgets that you wouldn't normally have at this point like Sleep Gas, you have to kill him. Good luck on Scene 2 (yes it is possible to survive without killing anyone, at least on easy).

Rendezvous in Hamburg: In Scene 2, the four guards in the stage room must be killed for Goodman to unlock the backstage door.

The Dive: In Scene 1, one guard that appears outside the room with the maid must be killed for the maid to unlock the door. In Scene 2, the four guards that appear on the balcony at the end of the level must be killed for a civilian to unlock the exit doors.



The second challenge is to only kill enemies with melee attacks like your hand (karate chop), barrette poison capsule, motorcycle and snowmobile. You can also use Coins, Sleep Gas and Stun Gas to distract or stun guards (but no Acid Gas since it's lethal). Again, in the spirit of starting fresh don't use Sleep Gas or Stun Gas before you would normally have them. The idea with this challenge is to play like a traditional rogue or thief. This can be done on any difficulty, but some levels will be really hard on higher difficulties. Unexpected Turbulence Scene 2 might not even be possible on higher difficulties without a ranged weapon. Also a few of the mandatory kills require a ranged weapon (Misfortune in Morocco Scene 1, The Dive Scene 2, and the Volkov and final boss fight). Tip: Sleep and Stun Gas are particularly helpful against the elite guard super girls.



As a third challenge, for those wanting to try something different than relying on stealth, there's always the "Guns Blazing" challenge where you disregard stealth and just try to run through levels quickly and kill everyone in your way. You could also try this as a Speedrun where you try to beat the game as fast as possible. Doable on any difficulty but obviously much easier on lower difficulties.

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