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This movie is pretty much my going away movie. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone downloaded it. I think many people who play doomsday will like it.

To view the movie you will need DiVx Codecs for you media player listed below, its a free dowload. For now I will have it hosted at MegaUpload.

But once File Front is Up from its down time/maintenance it will be hosted there indefinantly.


Credits Nolf2 Community




DiVx Home Page


Evolution <----MegaUpload


Evolution <----File Front

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Made me start to well up like an after school TV special :lol:


Always enjoyed playing with you Sly... having fun is the important part.


I hope that the magic of NOLF2 brings you back to play again and again like it has me.

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Nice video you did, I liked it :)

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I just keep hearing lyrics to Hotel California in my head.


"We are all just prisoners here, of our own device..."




"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave..."


Sly, my old leader and friend, you will never be truly gone, not possible.


and /tear, there's always MSN!!!! B)



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Great video man. You are undoubtably one of the most respectful and skillful players in Nolf2. You tought me a great deal since when I was a noob just ready to join a clan ([WR]) :lol: . I'll probably see you around though in Nolf2 again. You may try to uninstall Nolf2, hide the CDs from yourself, throw your CDs in a fire, but even still, you always find yourself coming back for more.


Thanks for all the good times,



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