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Odd NOLF2 problem regarding moving bodies with LiveForeverPlus

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I'm on Windows 10 (with all the updates) and recently reinstalled NOLF2. However, I'm having a weird bug where if I run the LiveForeverPlus mod, picking up bodies doesn't put me in the "move body" state where my weapon disappears and I'm moving the body. The body just disappears and I can't put it down unless I aim at another body. This issue isn't there if I don't run the mod, and I'm able to play the game fine without it, but I'm wondering if that's just some weird hitch with my version of the mod or if it's commonplace.

I'm not too miffed about it as I don't play much NOLF2 multiplayer, and the single player seems to work fine, but I'm just curious.

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having the same problem.. in single player, i can only pickup bodies, but nothing else.. i can only drop the picked up body and switch it with another dead body...

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Are you using the Livesforeverplus mod with your NOLF2 singleplayer? 

It's been reported in the past to cause issues with single-player. 

Turn off the mod and then try your single-player

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