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I have a chance to switch to unlimited traffic internet connection, but it's 128 kb\ps only( and now my official speed is 8m\b. Actual speed is lower though). I want to know if 128 kb\ps is enough to play games via internet (majorly NOLF, but not only). Of course i heared that people played NOLF with 56k modem, but i treat it as urbanistic legend.



Your ping would be considerably higher due to the slower speed but you could play still.

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I used to play with a 128kbps connection, originally. Well, it worked, and my ping was not much higher than now (real 5Mbps) when I joined US servers. On european servers, it was slightly higher, but still playable.


Honnestly, it might be better with more recent games than with NOLF2, since the game's net code is absolutely awful - one of the worst I ever saw for a FPS.

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