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URA's weapons mod


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It's about time that I post some thing about this here, so here it is:


URA .357 LX

Gold .357, scope

.357 fmj LX (.357 ammo, 1 hit kills most of the time)

.357 fmj (.357 ammo)


Lla Special

Scopeless .357, chrome look


Micro Uzi

A small SMG, 32 round magazine

Uzi 9mm fmj (Micro Uzi ammo)


Dual Micro Uzi's

Same as the Micro Uzi, but 2, 64 round magazine (2x 32), not perfect but still fun



50 round magazine, about 850 RPM (14 RPS), Scope

5.7x28 fmj, (P90 ammo)


AK-47 Scope

A scope for the AK-47


Master Jedi Lightsaber (Purple) (Ammo1,2,3,4)

Schwartz Saber (Blue) (Ammo3)

Sith LightSaber (Red) (Ammo2)

Jedi Lightsaber (Yellow) (Ammo1)

Jedi Lightsaber (Green) (Ammo1)

Fire/Hot LightSaber (Orange) (Ammo4)

Ammo1: Electrocute/Electrocute

Ammo2: Electrocute/Choke

Ammo3: Freeze/Stun

Ammo4: Burn/Burn



Well.. is's a sword, a little on the weak side


Angry Kitty

NOLF2 import, added the crossbow's fire ball to the ImpactFX.


Banana Mine

NOLF2 import, like the kitty but slower and not as powerful, available only on NOLF2 maps with bananas.


Pictures can be found here

And you can download the mod here

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Cool stuff, URA!! Thanks for sharing and for all the time you put into this! :D

Thanks Belladonna (little late...)


New version, Kittycat-A8



Updated AK-47 scope

Replaced .308 Sniper Rifle with M82A1 Sniper Rifle

RPG-7 (replaces Micro Missile's on NOLF2 maps)

Increased weapon steadiness when using a scope and crouching

Decreased weapon recoil when crouching

Quick chat keys (F1-F7 and Shift + F1-F7 (50 message limit per map))

(F9) FPS counter (can't chat)

(F10) None

(F11) ScreenShot mode (no HUD (can't see chat))

(F12) 3rd person (alive (can't shoot))/Free cam (dead (can't chat))



URA .357 LX (Gold .357 Magnum with scope)

Lla Special (Chrome .357 Magnum without scope)

Micro Uzi

Dual Micro Uzi's



6 Light Sabers

New AK-47 fire sounds

Kitty and Banana mines


Screen shots

Download Kittycat-A8

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Contract Jack mod, Weapons Test #9

Kitty's and banana's are now easier to kill (ammo hack)

Modified RPG-7 rocket texture color

RPG-7 reload sound

Custom Function key chat keys

Custom chat sound keywords

Fixed D3D8 anti cheat bug

Chat line sound/music player


Readme link

Download link


ModFinder v1.01-CJ

Should make downloading and installing future mods (and maybe mappacks too) much easier. If you don't have WeaponsTest09 installed, you can use this to download and install the mod.

This is an improved version of the NOLF2 updater that me and Spawn were working on.


Download link


URL update

My site is now located here: ura.exofire.net

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