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If you are 30 something...

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Here you are my friends... yes, all of you. If you are old enough to remember this stuff, then there is something here for you no matter what your taste or style. :)


For me, watching all this again just blows my mind as to how creative and individualistic the English are. They created the music video revolution too. Such good stuff!


80s Music Videos Listing

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Got one of those for the 60's :)...............Frankie Vallie, Wilson Pickett..............." I'm Gonna Wait Til The Midnight Hour"


And who can forget:


The Lovin Spoonful............


The Young Rascals.............


Strawberry Alarm Clock................

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I bet it's been posted before... But I can highly, HIGHLY recommend Mr. T's "Treat your momma right" to anyone looking for a laugh or two. Especially 30-somethings I guess. :D

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I would love to see a site like this that was 60s and 70s too.


So, Bella was the only one to name a song... what is everyone clicking on? I promise to only laugh on the inside if you say Huey Lewis and the News. Ha ha! <--Oops!


Smithereens - A girl like you / Val makes this disgusted face and I say, "What?" "Come on, he is a sensitive and talented artist!" "Cut him some slack!" But she couldn't hang with Pat Dinizio. I guess she had never seen him before. Ha ha!! I love all things Pat Dinizio. He is so good.


Toni Basil - Mickey / Someone took the idea, "Don't put anyone hotter looking than the artist in the video" a LITTLE TOO FAR!


Terence Trent D'arby - Wishing Well / I couldn't convince Val that is a man in the video.


The FIXX - Red Skies / An early song by my favorite band.


General Public - Tenderness / Good thing I wasn't black or I may have done something similar to my hair when I was a kid. I love General Public. They used to be The Beat (If you are British) or The English Beat as Americans know them.


Gary Numan - Cars / Currently a stunt pilot known for his love of WWII fighters. Despite being a "One-hit wonder" this d00d has a seriously strong cult status to this day for being a pioneer of New Wave. I tend to agree but he would have to give Kraftwerk a lot of the credit too.


Wall of Voodoo - Mexican Radio / More cheese, please!


Ultravox - Vienna / I always loved Ultravox! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh..... VIENNA!!! Never been there but I still like the song. Ha ha!

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Hehe, I love PIL. Especially the Live in Japan. Too bad it was recorded at very low gain and sounds pretty poor.


There are quite a lotta bands I like, listed there. Such as Killing Joke, Eurythmics, Queen, etc.


I didn't check yet, but I really hope there are a few things about Gary Numan on YouTube, also.


Oh, and you REALLY need to watch Twisted Sister's video - I think it's "we're not gonna take it" or something like this. Everybody who played GTA Vice City has already heard their most well-known song, "I wanna rock". Their dressings are the ugliest I've ever seen so far. Does anyone know a band that could compete with this?

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Hi Phantizen, this might be a little off topic, but I have to commend you for two songs you added to one of the NOLF2 maps you created. One was Burn Rubber On Me by the Gap Band and the other was Bullets for Brains by Roland Orzabal. :specool: Perfect choices.


FYI, I managed to buy the Gap Band song, but had to resort to other methods to locate the Bullets song (bad quality too). :-"

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I only just got here.............brilliant site Phant.............


Bow wow wow - I want candy yay!

Pink Floyd - Another brick in the wall


damn...who took the Madness video off!!

I don't like Mondays - the Rats (Boomtown)

Ahhhh Blondie - Call Me {sigh :wub: } whaaaa its gone :'(

Cliff Richard & The Young Ones - Livin Doll heh heh


Phantizen!!! I'm never gonna get to play NOLF again now!! B)

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