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NOLF fashion


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So...um...I was wondering. Anyone here, preferably a female, who can tell me if there's a specific name attached to the hairstyle of Cate in No One Lives Forever 2? What do you call the hairstyle of Cate, like the one on the box cover of the game? Also, if anyone could tell me the outfit she's wearing, that would be greatly appreciated...

If you want to know why I need to know about this, even though I'm a guy, it's just for research...any other fashion stuff that pertains to Cate and the sixties (like hairstyles, groovy words, music, and clothes) that you can fill me in on is greatly appreciated.

Thanks all you gals...and guys???

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That's ironic since you're a guy...isn't there any fifty year old ladies on this forum who were alive in the sixties?

Just kidding...

What's ironic about it?

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