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I have problems with my Active X controls, well if you know what it is :P . Every time when I get to the sfi site pop ups me this message " Click to run an ActiveX control on this webpage " for example, and then another ano non-pop up just on screen and it says " Click to activate and use this control " . So, how can I remove all that? That's not the worst case, it's not even bad at all you should see other thing like menu fades to black etc. I have alowwed all my active X and still the same thing ...any ideas ?



I have macromedia flash player 8.0 and shock wave + java sun up to date


help :D ...

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Alright, what browser do you use? What version?


You're talking about the SFI WEBSITE if I'm right, not about the server. One thing I'd advise you to do would be to right-click the message in order to download the required plugins.


Now, If NOLF2 goes wrong with your computer, it has nothing to do with your web browser. It might be a driver / video card problem. If it worked OK before, try switching back to older driver. If the problem was here since the first time you installed the game, it might be because your video card doesn't manage Transform and Lighting.


Check your video card's support area on the net. If everything's OK, then it might suffer from overheat, due to the fact that we're in summer. Oh yeah, trust me, temperature plays a MAJOR roole in video cards' behaviour...

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IE 6.o.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.05031-1519


Thx [GD] I was realy wondering y is that cos I didn't done anyting to my settins :D


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