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East Timor

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Today I read an article in TIME magazine about riots in East Timor and I was stunned to read what happens over there as I had not been aware of this before. But there was something in the article that made me wonder and so I did some research and I have two quotes - one from TIME and one from Wikipedia - which both describe the same incident differently:


TIME magazine:

"On the morning of May 25, regular army soldiersfired upon the police barracks in Dili for an hour or more, apparently in retaliation for what may have been an accidental shot from a policeman earlier in the day."



"On 25 May, as the first international forces were arriving, some renegade soldiers were moving into Dili and engaging in heavy combat with FDTL and police forces, with up to 20 people believed to have been killed."


So...huh? Now who did shot who? Regulars shot at the police or rebel military shot at police?

It strikes me as odd that both refer to the same guys, the one source describing them as "regular" and the other one as "renegade". Can anyone shed some light on this maybe?

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