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Veterans vs Youngsters


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Yesterday we played the third Veterans vs Young-guns match

We had a server-issue and so we played on public server

And, bcs we such a nice clan, we had some guests playin with us. :friends:

Thx for joining.... :D


First map went well, heavy fights on all corners...GG :2handed:


But whats that? In the mid of the second map some players left the match... :-"

FYI, the youngsters pwnd the veterans in 2 matches now and this was our

chance to get our honor back

What do u think we are doing here? playing for fun? :unsure:

neva....this match was total serious...a generation war :duel:

So now its still undeciced


1st map....youngster won

2nd map...unfair..5 vs 8

3rd map... veterans rocked

4th map...totaly different players


(and im not sure bout curver...realy a veteran?)


muhahahaha what a fine chaos


but now for our guests to look at...here da screenies


IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


Btw...someone has the power to organize such a match in unity?

Its hell fun...i tell ya



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Thanks Natter! It was fun :D. Not to be picky though, but these are (soon to be "were") all the same scoreboard ;).


Edit: Ahhh... By the time I posted, it was fixed! Even at your age you have some quickness left in ya, I guess. :P

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the first of those pics shows definitely, that this pic must have been taken by a veteran, or where does the lack of sharpness come from? :lol: *kiddin*

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I had no problem reading scores once I put my glasses on :) This coming Saturday(July 1) will be different...............Veterans ALL the way!

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