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Pandora.com - Custom Internetradio

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Hey all,


lately at a celebration, my uncle gave me the tip to visit the site www.pandora.com, where you can create customized Internetradio stations.


The cool thing about that: It's said, that the program can find out your "music-taste" when you give a feedback to the songs you hear!


1.You have to type in a songtitle or an artist.

2.The program searches for musictitles, which are very similar to this song and plays them (not just short samples but the whole song :D)

3.Now you have the opportunity to say "Yes, I like that song"

----->then the prog, continues playing the song, and will afterwards play songs similar to this one

or you say "No, I don't like this song"

----->then the prog immideately stops playing the song, and tries with another song, which might suit you :D

4.The longer u use it, and the more feedback you give about the songs (saying yes, no, boring, etc.) the program promisses u to find out your "music-taste"


My Opinion: This program is really cool and I'm satisfied with the music that is playing, though it plays songs i dislike, but not that often :D

----> Try it out, it's cool, especially cause the songs are played completely, not just as short samples :D

---->The only thing i dislike, is that this prog is us- (or at least english-) orientated, so u mostly find music of american or english artists, so there isn't german music for example, but all in all, the program is really cool. :)

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OK I am a little late in discovering this, just read about it in Newsweek maganize and agree it is very cool!!!


Even better than XM in getting stuff I like from artists I have never heard before.


For some reason I seem to like music with "extensive vamping" :lol:


Thanks for the tip - I hope others try as well B)


You can even e:mail someone a link to radio station you create.


They can do this stuff for free because you can't really select the songs you listen to.

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