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FIFA World Cup 2006

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Well, they do have don Leo at the helm. :D So, let's see what else we've got.


Angola - haven't seen the African cup, and can't remember any of their players

Argentina - always good, but not their greatest generation right now

Australia - can Hiddink pull the same kind of stunt he did last time with the Koreans? I doubt it, getting there was an achievement in itself for this team

Brazil - always the favourite, with a huge potential of quality players to choose from. You could make a great team with what they leave behind

Costa Rica - if you're from the Americas and are not Argentina or Brazil, you're usually average

Ivory Coast - seeing Eboue and Toure in action this season worries me greatly. If the rest of the team is as good, they could be dangerous.

Croatia - I doubt the current generation will reach the level of Suker et al.

Czechia - were considered very dangerous a few years ago, now a bit less so

Ecuador - see Costa Rica

England - no Rooney, some strange decisions (Walcott?), intense press pressure and Gerrard not managing to do more than 90 minutes in the cup final? When they're good, they're good. But when they're not...

France - Henry is in top form, and there's plenty more where that came from. No reason they shouldn't do well.

Germany - have lost some of their shine in the last decade, but do have the home advantage.

Ghana - a tropical surprise maybe? Or maybe not.

Iran - muslim nations can generally suprise in one or two matches, but making it to the next round? Insh'allah

Italy - never really bad, but not a winner

Japan - just not enough quality there

S. Korea - surprised last time, have some more experience, but would likely do less well

Saudi Arabia - see Iran

Mexico - slightly above average for their region, but no real winner

Netherlands - Van Basten has done extremely well with his unusual selection policy and there's no shortage of players to choose from (German jaws will hit the floor when they hear Roy Makaay isnt' even in the squad)

Paraguay - see Costa Rica

Poland - only player I remember is their keeper, expecting something average

Portugal - the old generation is over their peak and the new stars (Ronaldo) aren't that great

Serbia & Montenegro - nothing shocking

Spain - as usual, enough good players, but they never get that far with it

Sweden - solid, but not all the way

Switzerland - always surprised that they're there for such a small country

Togo - no idea

Trinidad & Tobago - just happy to be there. I doubt Beenhakker can do a Hiddink with them.

Tunisia - who?

Ukraine - need to bring more than just Sjevchenko

USA - generally goodwilling hard workers, but lacking the class you need to get far


So the conservative money is (as usual) on Brazil. If you're looking for a surprise, go for Holland or Ivory Coast (dangerous group, that). :)

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Blimey Goo! this ain't no thesis topic.


the tabloids been reporting that rooney's gonna be fit for the first match (but this is the sun reporting this :rolleyes: ). either way, england ain't going nowhere.


i reckon we should have a unityhq fantasy football league B)

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oh, oh, oh, sonic you're dutch, right?


---> serbia & montenegro --->nothing shocking ? :huh:


well we'll see, we have a match against you dutch people, and we wanna have revenge for the 6-1 in the EC 6 years ago -----> SCG now has a much more solid defence(only one goal against them in the Qualifications in 10 games and no loss), though a quite weak forward, with only mateja kezman (who is to be considered dangerous at any time of the game :D ). But just Italy-style(getting a goal early, and keeping the result until the end with "concrete-defence"<---- not nice to watch but effective :D), SCG won most of their games in the Qualification-Period with only 1-0 (usually Kezman-goals :D), but that's enough for getting da 3 points :D ----> my tip: although SCG's Group is the most difficult with Argentina, Holland, SCG and Ivory Cost in it, Serbia will reach at least 1/8-Finals :D (darn, one of this groups matches will be in Frankfurt (my Hometown) but it's not SCG playing here, "only" Argentina-Holland, which is the most attractive match in this group though, but getting a ticket for this match (or any match of the WC at all) is utopia, at this time, only 3 weeks before the beginning :D

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I have downloded one of those spreadsheets, and went through the fixtures predicting the scores of every match.............. the final was Brazil v Argentina........... 3/4th was England v France.


So South America dominates Europe!................again!

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well i have read all the post the top contenders are Brazil,Germany,Argentina,England are looking impressive this year and last i would say either Germany because they hosts and Brazil well look who they have in their team kaka ronaldinho,ronaldo,robinho,adriano just to name a few when brazil play well they ar eunstoppable my surprize team to go far is ivory cost they have pretty good players like didier drogba who is a good goal scorer teams i am supporting are sweden because i support the football team the glasgow celtic and henrik larsson is a legend for celtic and sweden japan they have some good players including shunsuke nakamura (a celtic player) and the brazil player alex also poland they have a middle class team could either do well or do pants they have good players also the keeper arthur boric and prolific goalscorer maciej zurawski who bot also play for scotland( i hop England dont win it as i am scotish :DB):lol:


Sonic Goo' date='May 22 2006, 07:56 PM' post='56201']

Yes, I know Kezman. Seen lots of him at PSV and a bit at Chelsea. Where is he now, anyway? And who else do you have in the team? I have a feeling you'll need more than one top class player to get anywhere in the World Cup.




he is currently at athletico madrid


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Brazil and France are big favourites so i hope they dont win it. Argentina or Spain would be good to win this 1 :) Let`s see how many penaltyshoots Beckham will screw again when England plays :D

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Yeah we got spanked. But so what. You guys invented the bloody sport and only won 1 WC since its inception (played in England for that matter). Winning on an own-goal over Paraguay ain't nothin to crow about.





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either way, england ain't going nowhere


and with regards to how many penalties the england captain will mess up:


many, i hope.



i'm crowing about what exactly?


LOL, i'm probably the first person to jeer at the english team and how the media hype them up to be some super players. They're at best, average.


oh and since you obviously didn't get it, i was being sarcastic about the US team, as suggested by my placing a fiver on Togo. But lets not get things twisted; neither of the aforementioned teams will win.


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Ruined our chances? Nah I disagree. We took it to one of the best teams in Europe the whole 1st half. When Italy took a 1-0 on a beautifull header off a free kick, most people thought they would do what they always do...go into their defensive shell and choke off the US. But we still kept the play on their end of the pitch. This pressure caused them to hurry a clearing shot and score an own goal. Down to 9 players we still had a goal taken away on an off sides. Showed alot of heart in my book by the US. With Ghana beating the Czechs, we need to beat Ghana and Italy needs to beat the Czechs for us to move forward. Not impossible. Then we have the pleasure to play Brazil. :D


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Ah, though sport is not my thing, I must admit that the French team sucked right from the start. Getting down from being the first team to win world cup and euro championship in 2 years to that crappy team we saw is... hehe, fun!


Well done! Now go back to your asylum and let the young ones try.

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