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Convert NOLF2 maps in NOLF1 map

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Hi is there a way to convert a NOLF2 map into a NOLF1 map without much work (rebuild the hole map etc.)?

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Yep, but only if you have the Lta files for the map..


In 2 ways:


1.) Remove all objects from the map (guns, gsp, disconnect prefabs.. etc)

2.) Export the map from jupiter as .obj

3.) Create a new world in Cobalt and import the .obj


but the texture coordinates will be missing :(

(this doesn't work the other way around though, unless you got maya/3dsm and converts it there)



The other way:


Convert it through Aliens vs Predator 2 or Purge Jihad (a free game that runs on Talon.. yayy)

which can port from .Lta to .Ed :)


You may have to clean it afterwards.. (weird brushes and stuff)

but you won't have to retexture the whole thing :)


If you don't have the Lta.. then its a complete rebuild :(


More info here


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Ok thank you very much both ways sound pretty good :D

I have all the map files (Because I want to convert my own map so I can own my brother with NOLF1 too :P )



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When I try to import the lta in Purge Jihad I always get an error wich says I have too low memory or something :(


Maybe you could convert it? :D

I'll send you the lta file via pm or email if you agree :unsure:

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I just added a game start point, world properties and a light...

This is what i got after 30 mins of processing it:


IPB Image


I was like wtf

Do you know what i did wrong again? :unsure: :'(

I think this is very difficult and not worth the work maybe :huh:

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Yeah I didn't add the skybox so this could explain the process time

But why does the world look so strange o0

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