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The champion of champions

The Champion of Champions.  

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  1. 1. Who will win the Champions League?

    • Arsenal
    • Barcelona

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Everybody is looking foward to the World Championship, but before that there is the small matter of a Champions League final to look forward to. Will it be the style and grace of Henry or the pleasure of the beautiful game, personified by Ronaldinho who wil walk away with the cup with the big ears?


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Thierry Henry...

the worlds best scorer...


(i didnt say player...i said scorer...) hands down!


Arsenal has been playing PHENOMENAL defence!


i would say they are going to win no doubt...since they have 10 straight games without letting in a goal in the champions league...


but on monday against sunderland... one of their young, promising defenders...got cheaply tackled, and fractured his foot....


so he will not be playing...


hopefully Ashley Cole will come back in perfect shape and be able to replace him...


i still think arsenal will win though...


when they need a goal, henry always finds a way to get it...

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Barcelona handles this one. Their been playing very good lately..it will be good battle..but i think that it won`t be Ronaldinho or Henry who will do the final moves..i think it will be someone whos not that big star :)

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well...like today's game arsenal had against Man City...


Freddy Ljungberg finally stepped up... got his first goal since...i think september of last year... and reyes got 2 goals...


if the young members on arsenal step up and play to their potential...barca has no chance...


if not...

barca will walk all over them.

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