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Thank You Trion.

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As a individual player who occasionally participates in guild events and dedicated on doing faction events, I thank you Trion/XL for making this 3 server merge that is coming up in few weeks. I came to a serious problem where my gear progression has been stalled because I am not in any player nation that is dedicated on doing Whalesong/Aegis rift as well as weak faction that doesn't care about gear progression as much as I do. I like to play the game competitively (as you know from my past) and being on the servers that aren't interested in doing any latest content concerns me tremendously and time is running out.

I know many of us are angry about the merge but it is for the better AA gaming experience. Hope with this merge there will be players doing stuff with other player rather than players focusing on their 5 - 6 alts that individually plant seeds and run trades all day.

Thanks again and looking forward to the merge and staying competitive.

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