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Elysian Revolution - West Guild (NA Freshstart 2017)

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This guild is designed to be a well rounded guild for people looking to progress and get into endgame PvP. We'll be running dungeons for players who need dungeon gear and helping with information and advice on efficient gold making methods. There will be high level crafting facilities set for guild only access as well as high level crafting characters that can assist you in post-dungeon gearing. And finally we aim to have a powerful naval fleet and high ocean presence and to have high participation levels at major events. We may or may not aim to get a castle ourselves, but we are hoping to be part of an alliance that owns one.


1. No Attacking Nuians - Unless there is an open state of hostility existing between our guild and other green guilds, flagging up on other people from our faction is strictly prohibited and will lead to major disciplinary action.

2. No Trash Talking - Trash talk is strictly forbidden on the forums and in general chat. We define trash talk as needlessly aggressive and hurtful remarks made about other guilds and players. This kind of behaviour leads to needless diplomatic problems. If we need to send a strong message we can do it through combat.

3. The Main Guild is Not for Safezone Commerce - Recent changes to the commerce system have made safezone commerce a poor way to generate revenue on a main. As such we feel it's appropriate to outright forbid people from joining the main guild on commerce heavy characters for the purpose avoiding commerce based dominions where the whole guild is put in a compromising position because of the need to save your packs. We're very open to walking you through the process of setting up an alt based trading system in our secondary guild which will not be dominionable though.

4. Alts in the Main Guild Must Generate Prestige - As the guild grows larger we're going to get stricter on who is and isn't allowed in the main guild. At the start of the server however we'll allow alts in as long as you are either leveling the alt or running prestige quests on it, as this will help our guild rank up faster. Max level alts that are not running their prestige quests must go into the secondary guild to make room for characters who will help rank the guild up.

5. Officers Must be Notified if You Will Be Gone - Anyone who has been gone more than seven days without notifying a superior will be booted from the guild. Vacations are allowed, just make sure people are aware of it.

6. Must be in Voice Comms - All players who are online in the main guild should also be in Voice Comms. The only exception is if you are on for less than 15 minutes.


We'll add more info as the Fresh Start grows closer to release. For now, send me a private message on here if you would like to join us and I'll arrange a meeting. At this point we have a lot of open spots and no recruitment restrictions for the main guild beyond rules 3 and 4.

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