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We need more info about the 3-storey Spired Chateau upgrade!

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Does it have added functionalities other than increased decor limit and space?

At the minimum, it should have at least the House Daily pot.

If it doesn't even have that, why should anyone bother with a bigger house? We could just build two Spired Chateaus and have even more space.

XL Devs better stop being lazy and just make houses taller. They should make them better, otherwise it's just a complete waste of time and effort to design and code a new house that no one would really want.

Heck, the Dessert House was a fine example of excellent house design with interesting functionalities and features, look how well received it has been.

I believe this new upgraded Spired Chateau will end up unwanted just like the double storey 16x16.

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