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Nolf2 in Custom Resolutions - Undistorted

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Many people on here have display resolutions that do not work with Nolf2, or look very stretched out while playing. The editing of display.cfg file is a temporary solution, but the picture still looks very stretched out and unnatrual.


OrzMarine from TGF posted a reply from a thread on Nolf2 resolutions with a solution to this problem, and it works!


His post is quoted below...


you could also go into the .cfg file and change the FOV (field of view) using ratios to get the game to react as though it's actually displaying in a 16:9 or 16:10 ratio.


for example, i display in 16:10, and using some basic math:


1.33 (4:3) : 1.6 (16:10) :: 65 (the default FOV in degrees) : 78 (the new value i use).


for 16:9, you'd want to use 86.67. for 5:4, use 60.9375. i think.


this won't fix the cutscenes though.. i'm curious, does anybody have any ideas for those?


Steps to make your Nolf2 work with widescreen or custom resolutions.


1) Open 'display.cfg' under C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\

2) Change the value 'Screenwidth' and 'Screenheight' to the resolution that you desire.

3) Save it.

4) Open 'autoexec.cfg' under C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\

5) Find the setting 'pvmodelfov' by using the Find function in Notepad.

6) Change that value based on OrzMarine's post.


16:10 = 78

16:9 = 86.67

5:4 = 60.9375


Here is a screenshot from my 1680x1050 display to show how changing these options make Nolf2 fit your screen and display undistorted.


IPB Image


Current known display errors by using this option are the following:

- Won't work for cutscenes

- Unable to see what you are typing after Say:.

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