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07/28/17 Stream Recap

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And so it begins, what some wanted and many have feared. MERGERS. This weeks stream was a Q&A on the upcoming crunch. Also nice work to whoever made that menu, for those that want to see it go to ~28:00 and enjoy. Thank you for editing more of the dead air, it's down to 3 minutes from 8 minutes a month ago.

Viewing past livestreams

You can watch the livestream if you wish to get more details on what is recapped here. To ease the confusion heres a small guide.
When a livestream is finished the following is possible:
1) The Archeage section will be split into its own video about 45 minutes long. This weeks
2) The Archeage portion of the Trion livestream will be posted to their youtube channel here. (Starts at 2:50)
3) Trion has gotten good in dividing their Twitch videos quickly, if you happen to catch it before the split watch the scroll at the top and start the video at the hour mark equal to when Archeage is listed, this is normally second in the line up. However this has left downtime in the Youtube version, Ill add marks as to when the stream actually starts for that version and time code the Twitch one.
4) As a note, they started doing the livestream simulcasting on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope and Youtube. So if you got the time
5) Also for giveaway, remember that only Twitch chat counts.

If possible I will add links to the respective videos, no promises though.

Hosts: Senior Producer Merv "Khrolan" Lee Kwai, Producer Amanda "Amary" Fry, Associate Producer Seraphina "Celestrata" Brennan, and Localization Tester Sophie "Socke" Pickens

Location: PTS

Celestrata went over a few things concerning the upcoming mergers, primary article is here. Khrolan then went over why mergers, basically the populations of the affected servers are below sustainable populations and have been for a bit. It wasnt just population but also their internal economies, what servers were producing and consuming. Most servers have pretty balanced factions in terms of numbers and active players. They understand that it doesnt look like that, but Trion cant/doesnt monitor participation in events, just because a group is more active at events does not mean that others arent playing.

Celestrata went over new August events with Socke going over the Blue Salt events, info in the patch notes here. They do know about the diving gear and are going to see if anything can be done to change them (Dont hold your breath).

They know about the UI lag bug, but they are having issues recreate it, please continue to submit reports.

Khrolan started a full Q&A about half way in. Some I know are answered in the main article, few in the discussion thread and some need more info. For completion sake Ill include all of them here.

Will we get new Fresh Start Servers? No new fresh starts in September or in the near future.

Spawn locations for mergers In your racial starting zone, exception is Pirates who will spawn on Growl Gate. They are looking into having the Sovereign of Player Nations spawn elsewhere since they will be red to all factions, but at current they will spawn in their racial starting zone.

On the subject of player nations, they will remain intact by having the Sovereign still a part of his nation. The rest of the population of the player nations will return to their original faction. They are looking into a way to have the sovereign to invite to his nation without a castle. Its more of how many they can invite in with no claimed castle. The base at Diamond Shores will be set to Rank 2 to speed up the opening of castle land. Once the base hits rank 3 then the purification monoliths will appear the following Sunday for players to claim castles.

The issue of guild and player name collisions are being discussed, at current the player name collision is the same as the current transfer and last merger. Basically oldest, most active toon keeps the name.

Will player nations get a free castle during the merge See above (or in video go back about seven minutes)

Those effected by the merger, will the mail containing their items hold in the mail for one year? Yes. The tool tip currently shows a shorter time, this is incorrect.

If I lost the UCC on my local computer, how is it going to be preserved in the merger? Its not, all UCCs on the server side are wiped as the number is unique to each server. Suggest to take a screen shot and see if you can recreate the UCC that way.

Will you lose prestige during the merge? Not really, after the merge they are sending items to bring you back up to the amount you had prior to the merge.

How are building houses and full kits work on the new servers? This works like the 2.0 merger, so when Trion does the merger they run a script that collects all your things, much like an advanced demo. You will then receive the building in the form of a full kit. But if your house is in the process of being built then you will get just the plan (So finish building if you can).

Why was the Dimensional chest design retired from the game? Looking into it. There was mention of its removal in an old patch note. (At the time of the stream Celestrata had not found said note, it is where Elorin stated in the thread)

Will Guilds in between levels lose their progression? No, after the merge the guild will maintain via the guild master. The guild master will be receiving items to level the guild up to the point is was prior to the merge.

Will we lose progress in long term quests such as the Dream ring and Ayanad Library quest lines? No, your progress will carry over.

Will Player nations that fail to get castles be disbanded? Not immediately, but if you fail to get the castle in the first rush the nation will enter decline status. Decline status is a bit of time so if you fail to get a castle the first time, then you will need to siege and gain a castle before your decline status expires.

How will we receive the stuff in our chests? It will work much like a demolition mail, the difference is those items that normally would be destroyed during a demo. Those will be copy and mailed to you on the new server. On that note..

Please note that you will be receiving a large amount of mail, massive amounts and this will cause a lag. So please be ready and patient.

Will those that get moved in the merger get a title? Yes, something different from the world walker title from the 2.0 merge. The title will be announced on August 16th when the rest of the compensation pack contents will be announced.

In the pack players will be getting 50 bound hereafter stones to help in porting to your desired location. Please note that your teleport book will be wiped of any custom locations, places like houses, memory tome locations will stay however. There will also be one free any-post owl in the pack.

What is order of distribution for items received in the mail once the merge is done? Depends on the script, this is a modified demolition run so should be, plan (kit in this case), décor, chests, then items in the chest. The items in the chest might be RNG, sorry.

Per Celestrata, Trion is looking to prioritize which items get loaded in the mail first. This includes the full kits, so if you dont see your other items in the mail, please give it a bit as a move and send out of this size will place a strain on the servers.

Will Fresh Start servers be shut down during the merger? Yes, because they share a lot of the same hardware and resources as the other servers.

Will favorites in our teleport books stay? Will look into it (at time of posting, still no word)

New house rotation update is coming, but not in time for the merger.

Will level 1 alts be deleted? Unfortunately no.

Do you keep your recall point? Maybe, since they were last time its a good chance. Trion will look into confirming it.

Will player nations keep their player caps? Unknown since the cap is based on the number of castles a nation owns and the sovereign will be spawned in owning no castles.

How did you come to choose the name of the new servers? Staff meeting to toss ideas at each other, but mostly to get ideas for strong sounding names as they are moving away from the gods and monsters in game. Also to hopefully avoid the issue last time with Manure, I mean Hanure. Few stories about the naming is at time point 40:00.

When is 4.0 coming? Not known at this time. Shout out to the content creators that are translating the info from KR.

Will the new races be released anytime soon? We all wish.

What will happen to packs in the storage silos? They will be removed, only packs saved will be those on your backs unless its a purified archeum pack which are scripted to be removed as well.

Is Trion thinking of changing any of the existing server names? No.

As a reminder additional questions can be posted in the official discussion thread and to read the article first in case your question is answered there.

Thats all till next week, I will try and update any of the questions that needed research here once I get the info.

Please note: Im only going to post these recaps to the main forum. If anyone wants to host these on their site or make a site for them, please contact me via PM so I can add the link to my posts here and if done right, my sig. Recaps will be posted Monday/Tuesday afternoon depending on my work load (actual work load, not this recap).

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