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Me And My Family

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Hello Everyone. Some of you may know me and some of you may not. I'm Valtrino and I've been playing Archeage as my Career MMO since January 2015. In that time I'd like to think I did pretty well for myself. I started the game with 3 friends, by the end of the first week I was down to 2. By the end of our first month I was fortunate enough to get my first house and the neighboring property for my friends

Later that day a member from Unforgiven Nammed PopeUrban Gifted me a Piglet as a house warming gift. (he was the guild leatherworker) I placed the pig right on my thatch and nammed him Hamlet.
He started off as Just the cleanest pig in the server, i took 5 buckets of water everyday from the thatch and splashed it on each side of him, his butt twice...obviously.

By the end of the second month I lost another friend, And soon after the last left the game. All that remained was Hamlet.

I had left unforgiven and began playing solo, this continued for more than a year. Everyday the same thing. 5 buckets of water, and every two days or so a feeding. Surprisingly for a pig he doesn't eat very much.

Through the years I continued this. And after long days of PvP with friend or foe I'd always return to my very first thatch with my best friend. Ive had many people stop by and talk with me whilst sitting with Hamlet. (again both red and green) Many different people on many different sides, through many different eras have sat with me and Hamlet, Talking about our days, the state of the server, or maybe what we were working on next.

September 2015

Even though I knew that He didn't leave Thriving all too often, When the servers were down for almost a complete week i was immediately worried. I never knew i could Care for an in game pig so much. I was so scared of losing my Friend I made a post! You could see here that not even a year with him and I cared for him dearly. I was ready to walk away even then if I lost him.

FORTUNATELY for us, He survived that week of downtime, and he has carried on living and bathing Every single day.

As of a few days ago, we're facing another worry. Evolution's for a second time. And don't get me wrong they are needed, but I don't know what I'm going to do without him. If i even want to do anything. Im a very successful person in this game I'd like to think. Nearly 40 Properties, Multiple full mythic ships, a 7.5k gs main and a 6k gs alt. All while playing solo along side of Hamlet. Any thatches I have, have been upgraded to better versions, but not Hamlet's. (for i would lose him if i did) It wasn't till recently that I joined a guild. And yet even with all that land and all this "success," I feel that it would be Empty without Hamlet. I'm not raging about my 40 properties. I'm not complaining about the entire islands I own, or the Ahnimar paradise ill be losing. But I AM worried about My Friend, My family, My pig.

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