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TEMPEST SERVER: International haranyan guild <Tempest> is looking for members & allies

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Greetings to the people of Kyprosa, Dahuta and Rangora!

Now that the evolution merge -finally, some would say- is about to happen, there are lots of things to organize and consider. One of them is reaching out to potential allies & friends, so us merge candidates won't start into this new episode of ArcheAge all split up and confused. Knowing already where to head for on the new server might convey a feeling of security, so players can focus on other issues at hand with one less burden on mind.

But, who are we even, and what are we looking for?

We are an international guild called <Tempest> on Rangora server, and no, neither did we bribe Trion, nor did we see into the future when we were founded in late 2015 ;)
Thanks to the help of awesome and loyal people we were able to hit lvl 7 as first and only east guild on Rangora, which none of us had ever dreamt of back then.

It has always been part of our policy to accept people regardless of gearscore or level, as long as a certain balance could still be ensured, and as long as people were active, non-toxic and group-orientated. For the future we wish to keep that attitude up and get a picture of players based on personality rather than numbers and hard facts.

Over time we evolved into a (mostly) homogenous group who experienced fun times, sad times, fierce battles, political drama and deep conversations together. We've basically seen it all. And we expect to see a lot more in times yet to come. Our battles haven't always been successful at all, we struggled a lot, were called many names and seen famous guilds fall. What made us survive in spite of everything in the end was probably a mix of defiance, luck, addiction to the game and people we can't let go of.

We are not a force to take on big opponents head on, but we are experienced in guerilla tactics and outlasting them. Means, if you don't expect a high GS zerg to stomp down others, but instead value strategy and alliances, you might like us. Besides, we've been shining in naval battles more than in land battles, but over time we of course hope to make progress in land battles as well by gearing up more and improving our PvP strategies.

As a general rule you could say we don't fear a battle, but neither do we fight mindlessly to prove something if we don't stand a chance at that time. But we always return, trying out something else. And above all we try to keep it fun, which is why we've never forced some sort of reward-and-punishment-system on members.

If you catch yourself thinking you might belong to us after reading through this or got further questions, feel free to join our channel on discord:


Guild <Tempest> looking for members and allies on new Tempest server.
We are lvl 7 with an average GS of 4,4k at a total of ~90 members at the time this post was made.
After kicking every inactive and alt, the core group would be smaller but with higher average GS.
You should be active, loyal, friendly, persistent and not afraid of battles vs stronger forces.
For alliances we consider haranyans as well as nuians.
Discord, in case you wanna meet us:

See you on the other side!

- Officers of <Tempest>

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