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Broken Farm but still ask for taxes/blocks land

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Hey i opend already 2 tickets about this problem, one in german(#951584) and one in english(#953908) i do wait since 6 days on a answer so i put it up into the forum now too.

Basically my farm in Nuimari(rangora EU) is in some bugy state stuck, it got destroyed in the last siege (last week) and never got its HP back now it stands there with 0/200 the land is useable it askes for taxes but i cannot destroy it because the scarecrow itself is broken (no menu option). Lord of nuimari tried to he got the message "already destroyed". Server restart did NOT fix it either.

I wanted to transfer since 5 days now, and im stuck here because of this last piece of land, and i dont want to wait now 14d until tax run out -.-
If this game has any form of support please contact me or fix the bug/break the farm down send it to me whatever but 6 days + waiting for a support answer is horrible.


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