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Solution to Gear Gap

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We are facing some serious problem with the new players who wants to play competitively but are unable to. They play for few weeks then notice the amount of grinding and time it takes to reach the legacy players so what ends up happening? they leave the game. With recent experience to grinding a gear myself, I found a solid solution to close the gear gap for the new players as well as legacy players who are returning to the game.

Since most of us are already working on the obsidian gear, we face some problems (paying for buff, not enough dps etc) with grinding in the library. The library mats to upgrade our armor / weapons takes too long! If the new player tries to farm these mats to upgrade their first obsidian gear, it is nearly impossible to do it alone and they always need a few helpers to get the mat they need but honestly, who has the time to do that? we are all busy trying to do our own thing. On top of that, the library mats aren't 100% drop so the amount of time it takes to grind these mats could range between weeks to months for 1 piece of gear /weapon. This is a serious problem to the new players who wants to be competitive and catch up.

Here is one solution I came up with:

Create a library mat converter!
Use the outside library workbench to allow library mats to be converted. For example, lets say I have [Sulfur Crystal] x20 but need a [Brine Flakes] x 20, go to the workbench and convert it so that you get the amount you need to upgrade the gear. It will speed up the process for the new players to catch up to legacy players.

Please make it happen.
Thank you.


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