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Almost 10 days after I sent a ticket I have to post it here again:

I can't play on NA servers (it doesn't matter if its legacy or fresh, I can´t play there). Let me explain again:

I started on Prophecy (EU fresh server) without any problems. Decided to play on NA as well so I create a character on Nazar (NA legacy server). At that moment I didn't know that I can't play on fresh and legacy at the same time, so I deleted that char from Nazar and wanted to star one on fresh server.

My problem is that I can't start a char on fresh NA server because I can't chose them (their names appears in black so I can't select them) and since my account is fresh (because I play on Prophecy EU) I can't play on legacy.

Could a GM unblock my NA account? I want to play there, I don't mind which server. I just want to start a character on NA.

Also I want a compensation since I can't generate/use labor and loyalty there.

My ticket is 949215.
GM Thoth already replied me but he doesn't read my ticket so he keeps pasting the same message all over again. Dear GM, I can't play on NA. That's it. I want to play on NA.

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