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Beavis: "Is this Romper Room?"

Butthead: "I wouldn't know, Beavis."


Butthead: "Maybe she's talking about how many times she's done it?"


Beavis: "Hey! Get away from my weiner!"

Butthead [something]

Beavis: "How would you like it if some chick tried to touch your weiner!?"

Butthead: "What?! Huh huh." [keeps laughing at Beavis]

Beavis: "I mean. Dammit. Shut up, butthead."

Butthead: "You dumbass."


(Beavis & Butthead watching Bull in the Heather)

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I once saw a review of that Metallica in therapy movie and one of the reviewers (not familiar with the band) was completely amazed. WHO IS THAT ANNOYING LITTLE MAN??? :P


This list I linked to, is a list of historically important music to be preserved forever. So no Metallica (or Foghat).

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