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Prophecy a few players making PROPHECY ugly with APEX!

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Hello all.
So I have been watching the PROPHECY AH, and have been seeing a trend lately. It seems there are a few individuals in PROPHECY that are manipulating APEX prices.

they have been systematically raising the prices of APEX in the AH,
and then when people ask in /trade or /faction or ?? the very same people will go and try and sell you APEX at about 10g to 40g cheaper.

I am proposing a LIST OF PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BUY AND SELL APEX ON PROPHECY AT A REASONABLE RATE OF A MAX OF 700g!!! If there is a seller or buyer who is interested to be on this list, please mail me ONLY, and I will include you.

Working together is the ONLY WAY that these ugly greedy trolls can be stopped.
I hope that the moderators do NOT remove this post,
for if this practice continues, PROPHECY WILL start to die...

I am not interested in discussing who, what, where or why.
I am only interested in people who want to buy and sell HONESTLY at a REASONABLE PRICE!
Someone has to step in and help out!

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