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The Clanies vs. The Clanless


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So here is a idea, me and the monkies were talking over.


As there are not too many clans who can field a team of 8 for an 8v8 DD match, how about this...


SUNDAY May 7th FF5 will take on a team made up of non-clan members, who play NOLF2.


If UNITYHQ/SFI will be so gracious as to allow us a server to borrow for a couple of hours, we would be thankfull.


It will be a standard format the way most matches are run.


Best 3 outta 5 maps win

Parts over Points

etc, etc,etc


So for any NOLF2'ers who are not or chose not to be in a clan, please sign up! Here is your chance to play in a match.


If this goes well, other clans such as BAB, SFI, NS, etc can try this as well.


Please let me know in this topic if you would be interested.


All I ask is that if you do sign up you show up.

If you realise that you can't make it after you sign up, let us know immediately so that another player can take your spot.





1) GDI!

2) Cheese Puff!

3) Foxsy!

4) KOA Apok!

5) Mr. Walker!




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You didn't specify a time.



3pm EST. (GMT-5)


works best for both sides of the pond.



And Foxsy, as you are currently Clanless, how about breaking the ice and signing up?

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Independent' date='Apr 10 2006, 11:41 AM' post='48311']

I'm in, although I suck at DD. Oh well. :)

ummm, except on *my* calendar there is no Monday, May 7th until the year 2007. Is that how long it's going to take you clannies to prepare for your doom?


That's because your Calendar was not made in Elbonia like mine! (And I changed it to read Sunday :) ).


An idea GDi...


Ask some of your DM friends if they would be interested....I know you have some clannless good players there. DD does take some getting used to, but if an old man like me can play...so can y'all.


Thanks for signing up!


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Is the clanless only open to those with no clan - if your clan is too small too field a team of 8, can we join in too????? :)



You bring up a good point. I think members of KH, JFK, DIH, etc, would benefit from this as well.


I want to spread it around to members of the community who noromally wouldn't have the opportunity to play in a full 8v8. So I will add you, however I will hold off on adding any other JFK's until I see what kind of response we get from other small clan, non clan players. If closer to game time, I see we need a couple of players, Lame Duck et. al would be welcome to fill in the spot(s).


Thx for signing up.





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I see the "clanless" roster...but where is the clanie roster...is it already full?

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I see the "clanless" roster...but where is the clanie roster...is it already full?



Actualy the idea was this time around to do FF5 vs Clanless. If it works out, we can have other clans vs. the clanless, or multiclans vs. , etc,etc,etc



Lets see how the first one goes first

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fun stuff...nice idea knix...

i got foxsy and indy whoopin FF5...for sure...


the only advantage FF5 has, is they can practice together and have tactics...

for the "clanless" roster...

ill let u in on a few tips i did with tactics against FF5...


they cant shoot for beans :P

just guard your piece, dont worry about the other two...

if they cant get your piece, you win hands down...

but if they get it, you are screwed.

and towards the end of each map they make one nice run for that piece, very hard to fend off, but if u can, consider the map yours. :D

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Nah, Fac...i thought wed lose before but now i have my secret-weapon!!!


Slyguy! hes in, sign 'em up KX. (yeah...he left BAB)


Oh and FF5 are good Fac, you straight trippin' :P

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Gosh where to begin?


Factor if NS used your "Tactics" in the last two matches Mr. Pat Riley....well that explains the results :D


What practices are u refering too? I don't think FF5 had a practice....uh well ever.


If Sly wants to play, let him post foxsy, this ain't the lunch line at the school cafeteria. No calling backsies.


The BAB site still has him as an active member too.


So we got 3 peeps so far...anybody else? Daybreak? Sonic Moo? Heywood? Alexa? anyone? Bueller?



APOK- Are you saying you want to play? Say ....YES or .....NO.




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knix...u OBVIOUSLY wernt looking at the score in the match...


although u guys ended up getting the peices...

our team still had OVER 50 points over you guys...

both of the first 2 times that you guys won...

and of course we won the very first map...

so if we are going by score, =NS= won 3-0...

but we wernt, we were playing pieces, so FF5 won, and deserved to win.

it was a good game FF5...

and i have said it before and i will say it again...

FF5 is one of the strongest clans at getting all of the pieces, but when it comes to actually killing people, u guys suck :P

hehe :D

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look at the last match against sfi. i believe we either completed the device and/or beat you on points.


i think ff5 is a tough clan to beat, and AE is an actual member...


and come on, getting a piece from the enemy's base involves a bit more finesse and skill...unless if ff5 just caught you guys with your pants down around your ankles.


the way you make it sound like, is that ff5 was able to stroll into your base, take your piece, and get out without killing a single NS (since you said they can't kill worth crap) which is pretty effing hilarious if they were able to do that. kudos ff5.

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blue, the last match against SFI i wasnt the tactics dood...

so we were just goin by what nixsa said...

my tactics are WAY different from nixsa's...

and the clan actually seems to be very happy with them even though we lost (im suprised)...

they were always very hard on nixsa when we lost, so he stepped down and i took over...

after that last match everyone was still really happy...

i think its cuz we whooped them on score...i dont mean barely beat them...i mean WHOOPED... ;)

and they have the free 16 points for placing the pieces too...

and we still had a HUGE lead on them at the end.

the one map we actually won though, we almost had 100 points over them...

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1.Factor making tactics makes me giggle :P

2.Could I play with Foxsy?

3.Knix wanna snuggle?

4.AE+Slyguy = Destruction of ST and anything

5.AE+Slyguy = Not Fair if in same clan

6.Factor making tactics makes me giggle :P


7.Fox$y+Sly= ownage :P

8.Fox$y+Slyguy = Not Fair if in same clan





[NC] -----

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Like I posted in the NS forum when Rops (who i'm not dissing) wrote...


"You got the parts, and we were playin parts over points, so u won..but we kicked your 'donkey' in points"


And I wrote...


"Allow me this anology.... " Great job taking the hot blond chick home...but we paid for dinner!"



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