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07/21/17 Stream Recap

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This was another ‘Teach Muzzy’ stream, so nothing really new. However, there was a request towards the end that kind of warrants a recap posting.

Viewing past livestreams

You can watch the livestream if you wish to get more details on what is recapped here. To ease the confusion here’s a small guide.

When a livestream is finished the following is possible:
1) The Archeage section will be split into its’ own video about 45 minutes long. This week’s
2) The Archeage portion of the Trion livestream will be posted to their youtube channel here. (Starts at 4:40)
3) Trion has gotten good in dividing their Twitch videos quickly, if you happen to catch it before the split watch the scroll at the top and start the video at the hour mark equal to when Archeage is listed, this is normally second in the line up. However this has left downtime in the Youtube version, I’ll add marks as to when the stream actually starts for that version and time code the Twitch one.
4) As a note, they started doing the livestream simulcasting on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Periscope and Youtube. So if you got the time…
5) Also for giveaway, remember that only Twitch chat counts.

If possible I will add links to the respective videos, no promises though.

Hosts: Community Manager - Joe "TheBlueMuzzy" Brogno

Location: Vengeance

Started with a few announcements/updates, first Muzzy will be out of office from 07/22 til 07/30. As stated here, please contact either Celestrata or TrionBrasse during that time. Nui Chosen has been added to the marketplace as has the bunny mount armour. Muzzy is also interested in the darkrunner discussion going on here for example, please continue as it has shown him multiple viewpoints.

The theme of the stream was teaching muzzy to trade pack. It was to show how the new system is supposed to work, but he got side tracked on the first leg. Watch the video to see what happened. As for a need of a recap, he did make a request that anyone that had guides to the topic of his teach muzzy streams be linked in the recaps. So… if anyone has one please PM me or post in this thread. I’ll have one myself later as I sent him a few tips prior to the stream and kind of like/understand the system. I will be accepting links up till the 08/04 stream at which point I’ll see if Muzzy wants to do something different.

Also to nip this early, if anyone has sport fishing guides (the subject of the last teach muzzy stream) and wishes to submit links please do so as well.

Trade Guides (updated 07/24/17)
[Space holder]

Please note: I’m only going to post these recaps to the main forum. If anyone wants to host these on their site or make a site for them, please contact me via PM so I can add the link to my posts here and if done right, my sig. Recaps will be posted Monday/Tuesday afternoon depending on my work load (actual work load, not this recap).

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