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Factor...College...NO WAY!

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ok, well i had to let all of you know.

Exactly 3 weeks ago from today...i applied to a college out in Illinois, just a small christian college called Olivet Nazarene University. I am a senior in high school this year, so obviously it was a VERY late application. i also am BARELY pulling off a 2.0 GPA over the course of high school. On Top of that, i havnt taken my SAT or ACT tests. I was always just planning on going to a junior college, and transfering from there, and why i decided to apply i really dont know. i applied 3 days after me and my g/f broke up, maybe it was just to try and get out of this place. Well anywayz, today, EXACTLY 3 weeks later, i get a phone call telling me i was accepted. i found out i was the only student they accepted that hadnt taken the SAT or ACT, and my GPA was in the bottom 5% of all students they accepted. So in my eyes, it is definatly a miracle from God that i got accepted. i was so happy today i even started to cry. i am gonna miss life in southern california, but im off to illinois when august rolls around. my whole family is ecstatic about it, and i had my whole church praying for me, and they are all stoked too.


i honestly never thought i would make it into a college straight from high school, after the big drop my grades took sophmore year. i was in aww, and i am so happy that i actually got accepted.


just thought i'd let you all know that Factor isnt just a moron anymore...

o and i plan on Majoring in Athletic Training, with a minor in Athletic Coaching/Management. and i plan on joining the soccer team out there, and i am going out for a tryout in 3 weeks.

im sooooo happy!

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Hmmmm....I was just thinking of that old saying "you can take the idiot out of the village, but you can't take the"....oh never mind


No seriously, congratulations Factor...there may be hope for you yet :P

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Yay! Great news for you! You were lucky so now you better head on down to Illinois and prove that you belong there. Hope you'll still have some time to add fuel to any drama flames and Nolf once in a while, though.

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Well you were lucky there, weren't you?


Congrats! When I moved into the dorm, my roommate refused to connect me to the cable modem and asked me the question: "Do you want to study or do you want to have an I-Net connection". Now guess what I chose. :D

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Congrats Factor..............I guess you must be more clever than you look ;)

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lol, the reason i am going to illinois, is because it is a christian university, and they actually accepted me. of course, it was the only college i applied to, but whatever.


i am planning on pursuing soccer out there.


totally sucks though cuz my freshman year i have to take out a $24,000 student loan, b/c all scholarships that i could get are over by now, and the grants are done...but o well, my sophmore year ill be on the soccer team and prolly get some scholarship money that way, and i will fill out the grant stuff early so i can get some money.


as for nolf...

i will not be playing anymore once i go out there.

i wont have the time for it, nor a computer to play on.

but i can garuntee i come into the forums every now and then just to bug you guys :)

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Fac, you cant rely on your sports skills to keep you in college/university :rolleyes:


Ill is going to suck...bring some coats and mittens, and chances are youd be accepted here, too.

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actually, i can rely on them to keep me in ;)

cuz i know my grades are going to be sufficient...

and then ive already been in contact with the soccer coach, and im flying out there the weekend of April 29th...

im playing with the team, little scrimage and stuff, and gettin to know everyone.


so i'd say my chances are fairly good...

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