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Archeage is one of the Better MMOs around but has one Major Flaw...

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What's the major flaw? It is the labor system of course. It limits a player's ability to progress unless you pay for it. This system is very restrictive for a sandbox MMO like Archeage where you have so much to do with a restrictive labor pool.

Non-Patron/ F2P Players - 5 labor point regen logged on/ 2000 max labor pool.
How does one compete when they need to wait 20 minutes to mine a ore node/ or cut down a simple tree? The only source of income is possible wild single farming(requires only 1 labor) and Dailies.

Patron Players - 10 regen on/offline max 5000 labor pool.
This limits Patron users progession to 2550 labor points a day and Dailies. unless you pay for more labor.

As a Patron member + 30-day splendid user I have no problem with labor, but I feel the labor system should be expanded more so there is a less of a limitation on how much gold we can make per day. This is what makes old school MMOs so great like UO for example.

Some suggestions:

-To attract new players offer a free 15-day patron pass so they can experience all the benefits of being patron.

-Allow for non-patron users to have 1-3 labor point regen offline . Increase labor regen of patron users to 15-20 and increasing the max to 7500.
This will allow F2P users to at least enjoy some aspects of the game and gold making towards gear/apex as well as giving patron players more freedom to earn gold.

-Offer more login reward boxes with Labor pots.

-more labor events

The key hear is to get more players to stay logged on, more F2P players aiming towards buying Apex for patron/cash shop items, and in turn make more profit for Trion as P2P players will buy more Apex for the market.

Must be a reason why the servers get more activity during 2X events and labor reward events.
Gee I wonder why?!?

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