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Your local rock music

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c'mon guys! Do ya wanna say that ya don't have good music? Or ya're just neglecting ME?

Don´t know about good music, but we have some bad crap like Schnappi, Tekkan , Daniel Kübelböck and Tokia Hotel :fans::eekout:

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Ich bin schnappi, das kleine krokodil... Where does that come from?

The first time It was a fun song somewhere in the internet...

Than someone found it and it became popular ,so later it came in TV...

After this success, they produced more Versions of the original one->Like a techno-version or the last one I get to hear,was a Rammstein-version.

->The original Schnappi sing´s a young girl and it´s about this one krokodile, which tell´s his story...

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Hmmm... most Irish new bands I see are as support for bigger bands and they usually don't promote themselves very well. Neither they or the band at our 'company pub' seem to have a presence on the internet.


Back in Holland, there were a lot of unknown local bands, because it's very hard for Dutch bands to make it abroad. As Jan Rot sang, god punishes who wants to be rocker in Holland. There used to be an interesting guitar scene with bands like Fatal Flowers, Serenes, later Bettie Serveert, and there are some interesting electronic acts like Freezepop or Arling & Cameron. (And of course Dutch languaged acts like Spinvis or De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig never make abroad.) But the bands I like best are the ones that are extremely hard to categorise, like De Kift or Solex.

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My taste in music is totally varied........but this guy is local to me and does some cool stuff........and he is an awesome drummer........ Birdtribe from UK


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