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Single player "Tips and Tricks"


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Tips and Tricks


Sometimes you can create a dark place to hide in by turning off lights or even removing bulbs from lamps.


If you leave a body in plain sight, you can pick off curious guards one by one as they approach to examine it.


Stop and listen to the conversations. Many of them are funny, of course, but sometimes you’ll pick up important pieces of information too.


Grab every item you find along the way, including the training manual pages and notes. They give you bonus points good toward skill bonuses.


A red “X” on your compass indicates an intermediary objective you need to reach. A red “i” is a major objective or task. Red dots represent the movements of guards you’ve planted tracking beacons on.


Vending machines aren’t just there for show. Look around them for coins that H.A.R.M. guards carelessly dropped. You can use those coins to distract your enemies when you want to move through an area undetected.


Make sure you search every body. Right-click and hold down the mouse button until the progress bar fills up to find everything hidden on it. If you find a key ring, it will allow you to open doors without needing a lock pick.


When you throw your shurikens at enemies, make sure you look around after you defeat them. You’ll be able to pick up the throwing stars and use them again.


Search each area before you move to the next one. Don’t leave behind gadgets, weapons and other useful items that are often hidden in each level.


If a guard triggers an alarm and the odds look overwhelming, look for a place to hide until the activity cools down. They’ll eventually go back to their posts.


Cheat If You Must


Stumped? Then you may need some help, thanks to the cheat codes that are commonly placed in most videogames. They allow you to, well, cheat and change the rules. This sometimes includes activating bonuses, unlocking secrets and new levels of gameplay.


To enable the cheats in NOLF 2, press “T” to bring up the chat command, which displays “Say:” on the screen. Type a code, press enter, and you should see a confirmation in the top-left corner of the screen.


The Codes

guns: Get every weapon and gadget in the game.

skillz: Get extra skill points.

ammo: Max out the ammo for all your available weapons.

armor: Get full armor.

health: Get full health.

mods: Get all the modifications, such as scopes and silencers, available for your weapons.

god: Turn on invincibility.

poltergeist: Become invisible.

baddaboom: Bigger explosions.

rosebud: Spawns a snowmobile right next to you. Take it for a spin.

maphole: Skip to the next level.









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