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i worked on this map for a little while, i REALLY love it. i think it has awesome potential.

but i dunno, i finished the WHOLE layout and design of it. but then i just didnt have the drive to finish it up.

i want to know if there is anyone out there that will take this map and finish it. i will send u the LTC...

its such a great map and i really want to see it out in the community, but im very bad at finishin maps, just starting them.


its a DD map, i named it Nanathrium, cuz thats a weird name :P

um, everything is done, it just needs furniture, guns, and the 3 pieces. o and game start points...

can someone please finish it.

i have a bunch of maps that ive never bothered to finish, but this one i dont want to turn out like that, i really like this one, and it looks so awesome and has amazing potential.

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Time for an update, it seems. First thing I did was add a sky, worldproperties and a gamestartpoint to see what it looks like from the inside. As it turned out the stairs were too big - you needed to jump to get on the next step. So I've replaced every step with two smaller ones for every step in every stairs in the map. I've also changed the sixsides brushes by singlesided brushes, so in total there's less polygons and less lag (or, in other worlds, I'll be able to put in more stuff :P). The rest of the map was also mostly built in sixsides brushes, with lots of faces the players'll never see, so I'm now in the process of cleaning that up as well.



The big rooms are so big, you think you're lagging because it takes ages to get across (your sense of scale is disrupted) - I'll put in lots of props so that won't happen and you'll have something to fight around.

I'm going to put lots of nades on the lower routes to throw up to the people who have the advantage of higher ground.

I think I'll put in some obstacles on those routes as well. Don't want to much straight hallways. Maybe I'll use some of them as steps up.

I've also been thinking about putting snomos there, but I'm not sure if that'll work.

We'll see. :)


Update to the update:

I think I'm going to put movieprojectors in both the big rooms and lots of chairs - that seems to be a function that fits them.

I've collected a whole bunch of images to use as posters to complement the decoration of the two sides.

Btw - do you want the thing in the middle of the central square to be accessible? (I'll have to change it a bit, then)


Update to the update to the update:

Oh, and I'm adding some monkeys. About 70 of them. :lol:

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haha, monkeys are always good...

yah i forgot to do it, but the middle thing where the core goes on top, maybe put sum ladders to get up there?


and then yah, my sense of size/scale is WAY off, cuz i always end up making a map i think is great, and then it turns out too small, or i make a map way too big...


thnx for taking on this horrible task goo :(


and yah the walkways definatly need more stuff...

thats why at the end of them i put the little rooms to go into.

cuz they were way too plain.

and the reason i didnt do single sided brushes...

is cuz i was never taught how...

so every map ive made, i made using the 6 sided brushes.


sorry for all the trouble u have to go thru on this...

its a good design though right?


PS...for the main buildings, i was actually thinking maybe some huge cylinders....to holde the walk-way above them up...and that way it didnt look as plain...but yah none of hte prefabs were tall enough i dont think.


anywayz. i love the monkey idea.

all your stuff seems like great ideas.

thanks again.

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I think maybe just lowering the ceiling a bit might help as well. I've put the little cars, the bike, the tricycle, and some more stuff on the roads, so people will have something to hide behind when they start fighting. I'm thinking of lowering the central square a bit so that people can climb on from the objects in the lower walkways. Haven't found the snomo prefab/object yet, will look a bit further. The sky is only partially visible, will look at that too (bottom part just black). After that will come the lights, weapons, DD machines, etc. I'll also be adding occluders to improve performance.


If you want to know more about clean building, have a look at Wiky's tutorial. It's really quite simple once you get the hang of it.


I'll send it to you when I'm done so you can give some feedback before final release.

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yah i have 100% faith in u on this, b/c i really like your other maps u have done, and u are very creative, so im sure everything u do to it will be amazing.


i think maybe lowerin the center thing could be bad though, cuz the bridges...

the bridges to the core place, what are you gonna do with them?

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hehe, oki doki!

good to know :)


take as much time as you need, no rush.

there isnt really a holiday that we can push it out by...

well, easter, but thats in 3 days, so its impossible to finish by then :P


so no worries, take your time :)

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