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ModX1 for the UNITY Server

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Ok here are the gory details


1) Where do I get the Mod?




2) What do I do after I finish downloading it?


Step 1-First thing you do is create a folder in your NOLF2/CUSTOM/MOD file, and name it

<!--sizeo:3--><span style="font-size:12pt;line-height:100%"><!--/sizeo--><b>ModX1 </b> <!--sizec--></span><!--/sizec-->

the folder has to read EXACTLY like this, case sensitive, etc. If it does not read exactly like this, the MOD won't work.


Step 2-From winzip file you just downloaded, highlight the ModX1.rez file, and extract it to your newly created ModX1 folder in the NOLF2/CUSTOM/MOD file


Step 3-Start up the game. At the start Menu, click the Custom button, and click on the box next to the ModX1.

<a href="http://img78.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled4ad.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://img78.imageshack.us/img78/1741/untitled4ad.th.jpg" border="0" alt="IPB Image" /></a>


Click OK, Click Play, and you are done!


3) How do I know if I got it right?


When choosing a gametype if you see this a diff type face, and DEMOLITION has replaced TEAM DEATHMATCH


<a href="http://img82.imageshack.us/my.php?image=untitled0lr1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://img82.imageshack.us/img82/9135/untitled0lr1.th.jpg" border="0" alt="IPB Image" /></a>


You're Done!


4) What if I still I don't see any change as shown above?


Dr. Neo sez...

a) You have too many .rez files in your custom folders (max 7)...move any other .rez onto a folder on your desktop to get you to 7 files or under

<img src="http://sficlan.net/Unityhq/forums/forums/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/cool.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid="B)" border="0" alt="cool.gif" /> Make sure you named the folder where you unzipped the .rez file into to read EXACTLY <b>ModX1 </b>



5) What does the Mod contain?


The Mod contains 8 Demolition maps (they don't move any .rez files into your custom folders...which is nice!)

They also have modifications to various weapons found in nolf.


Some examples are...

1) Sniper scope is 2x as strong as normal, and can shoot various types of bullets

2) All nannas, nades, gas canisters, phos canisters, and sleep canisters, Kitties, and Bear traps have changes...very cool changes

3) You have various types of swords, try them out to see what they do!

4) You can punch your opponent, just like NOLF1 and CJ

5) Snowmobiles are different...and you can shoot while driving

6) New Ammo includes "DumDum" bullets, and "Freeze" bullets

7) Jumping...You can double jump. This give you access to areas of a map you normally couldn't get too normally, ledges, etc. Just hit jump, then while in midair, jump again

8) If tagged, hit the space bar 5X to get out of the tag. (THIS IS LEGAL IN THIS MOD)



There are other things, you will just have to see for yourself.

Neo has put a readme.txt file in the download basically saying (in much better detail then me) all the things I just wrote.


6) What is demolition?


Demolition is basically one team on offense one team on defense.

The team on offense tries to set an explosive in the other teams base, and the team on defense tries to keep them from doing so. There is a time limit for the team on offense to set the bomb and defend it until it explodes. The rounds per map, are usually even numbered 2/4/6.

Tags, and frags, still count as always, as does diffusing the bomb if it is set.



I think that should about cover it. Neo and I can help answer any questions you may have. Please post them here.


The new mod should be in the UNITYHQ server next week.


Make sure you spread the word and direct people here to get the mod if they don't have it.


Also if you like the MOD, be sure to let NEO know as he put many hours into it.


As someone who has had a birdhouse condemned by the board of health, I am in awe of people who have the talent to make maps and mods like this.


Enjoy and see you in the game!

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Knix' date='Mar 18 2006, 03:09 AM' post='38352']

a) You have too many .rez files in your custom folders (max 7)...move any other .rez onto a folder on your desktop to get you to 7 files or under




Im pretty sure he said 5 rez. files when i started on all that custom stuff... :unsure:


maybe im wrong

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Downloaded and ready for action.


How come under demolition there is a server available but in retail mode?

Is there a retail version available of the demoltion game mode?


Looking forward trying these things out :D:D

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I think thats because with the MOD, Demolition replaces TDM. So you are probably seeing that server?


Ok kids.


E1 should have the UNITYHQ/SFI up and running with NEO's ModX1 this evening.


Only rule I have is this ...


With the double jumping, you can access areas of the maps, where you normally could not.


I Japan, you can shoot through the window of main houses from the second story looking down into the core room for example.


part of the fun of this mod, is being able to kill people from vantage points normally not possible.


This does not mean you are allowed to drop greneades, shoot through, etc, flaws in the map


So please if you are on a roof, or on a ledge, or on a wall, shoot through windows, or into open areas, and not through walls.


Thats all I ask.


Have fun!



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Server is up everyone ...........ENJOY !!


and be sure to let ßahamutZero know how much you enjoyed his mod too.


Client Mod Install Instructions


1) Create a Folder called ModX1 in your C:\Program Files\Fox\No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods


1) Extract the zip file you downloaded from the unityhq downloads into your No One Lives Forever 2\Custom\Mods\ModX1 directory.


2) Start NOLF 2 - In the launcher, click the Custom button and check the box next to ModX1 and click OK


3) Play in the ModX1 server B)

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I checked it out and now I'm wondering... why hasn't anyone made me to try this out before??? There are some seriously cool things to play with here! I heard talk of his skills, but dang, I had no idea.

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well..tried it..cool hings..best thing was that Sniper :) Good job! :) But...i think there will be now even more noobing with the special ammo <_<

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bella, im about 100% sure...that the whole thread about neo's mod in these forums...EVERYONE suggested that EVERYONE play it.


it was the coolest mod in the world back when it was mod13...

and now its just like...friggin SUPER amazing :D

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well..tried it..cool hings..best thing was that Sniper :) Good job! :) But...i think there will be now even more noobing with the special ammo <_<



The missles are replaced with lasers, and the phos with "ice bullets".


Both of which are less powerfull then the weapon it replaces. How will there be even more noobing?


Moody is right, Finn's are just bitter people :P.



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lol, well, yah the two main "complaints" for weapons have been brought down...

but he made one weapon friggin awesome powerful...

and i love it to death...


explosive shells for rocket...

is a lazer that Tags and Kills...


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well..didnt knew about ice bullets before..thats good thing then! And i dont care ndishfdhfgfffåasåpfasfoåf what Moody has said to you ;)

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Played it most of the day yesterday................funnnnnie! Anyway we could get the default weapon (silenced pistol w/dum-dum's) incorporated into regular Nolf? That baby is SWEET!

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well, i think that nolf might have a huge scar left on it for the rest of its life, that is gonna make a 100% MODX server...


just my feelings :D

cuz everyone loves it.


but the one problem, is most of the euro's are getting horrible pings, so they arent enjoying it to the full...


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There are a couple of items still need modifying. The maps we wanted in place were....


1) AA

2) Villa

3) Calcutta

4) RR


Japan and Strife, just is too easy for people to shoot people through walls from the roof tops.


For the new maps it should be


1) Brussels

2) Garden



Also I noticed that only the "fire" sword was showing available during game play.


So E, when you get a chance, if you can modify the above that would be great.



Thanks :)

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