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Port forwarding

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I think port start, port end, and port map should all be set to 27888/UDP

if your game server's on the default port.


http://www.portforward.com has quite a few examples of setting up

game server port forwarding on a variety of different routers. Nolf

isn't one of the games, but you might be able to use one of the others

as a guide if you found your router there.



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Page 37 explains port forwarding for your router. Though if you are hosting a server as long as the port has internet access it should take on your external IP once the server is up.

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In XP open a command window and type ipconfig /all this will give you IP info. If you are on a router and want to know your external IP you can connect directly to your modem (bypassing the router) and do the same. That will tell you your external IP.

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And which IP should i write in IP field when configuring port forwarding?

And i think i heared 'bout some programmes to monitor ip...


Just to answer your question/additional info :)


A very easy way to learn your IP is to visit www.whatismyip.com


I use a static IP on my server, but the other computers on the network are recieving

theirs from the DHCP server in the router.


A example for forwarding would be ""


the above address is the hosting computer's internal IP


But E1's method should work as well :)

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