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hey moog. when are the boys and gals from otc gonna join us in doomsday. it would be a blast fraggin with y'all.




*chirp* *chirp*

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Moog isnt registered on here yet. I'll get on him about it... in the mean time... there has been like NO activity on the OTC forums... there was one just recently, but before that- none since NOV. eeeek! Moog stayed loyal to his clan (even when I made one of my own, hehe) .... but because he hasnt seen or played with any OTC in so very long... he has recently joined FF5!!! YAAAAAAY!!! It became official just yesterday. He has been playing as SoCkMoNkEy. ALLSOOOOO... just YESTERDAY we played a lot with Cabellero!!! He said he got back into NOLF because of this site!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!! He went to England for a while.. and left OTC just before he went away. We don't know where any of the other members are sad.gif. We even met Lock'n'Load last summer when we went to Cali!! Maybe this site is what they need to get goin again!!!!??


biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif (i really hope the smiley usage is not limited here... mellow.gif )

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ALLSOOOOO... just YESTERDAY we played a lot with Cabellero!!!


And it was wicked fun!


Truth be told I left OTC because I wasn't active and I wasn't going to be for awhile. I was hoping to set an example. I guess when you try to lead not everyone follows. How's that - Some of the people all the time, all the people some of the time.


Don't get me wrong, I'm still a big fan of my old clan-mates. They're a great group of people that I still count as friends. However, I fear that the OTC - she is dead.* sad.gif


* This is my opinion, not a fact.


I've been trying my hand at DD, but y'all are scary rainman like... Gotta get the core, get the core, get the core, definately the core. blink.gif

I still prefer the free-form artistic expression that is DM. aikido.gif

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Jimme and i were the last trully active members in the clan, and i think i left the clan back in late march....cause i had joined the track team and all so i really didnt have time to nolf, and jimme left like 10 minutes after i did. and i havent played in a while but still the only person i ever remember seeing was moog and that was once every blue moon,so i dont know whats ahead for otc....

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