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Any way to disable enemy respawning?

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It's super annoying and if I can't get it turned off I'll probably just stop playing. I'd accept this sort of respawning in an actual spy game where you could complete missions without killing anyone, but not in NOLF 2 which is still very much a shooter.

I read somewhere that respawning was disabled on the lowest difficulty level, but when I tested it that didn't work. I haven't been able to find any mods/trainers/cheats either.


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Are you referring to single player enemies or multi-player?

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Hmmm game should be fairly easy on the easier difficulty setting.  You can try the cheat codes below to see if they can help you out. 

No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way Cheats For PC

  1. All Codes

    Hit talk (T) while playing and type(ALL CODES ARE CASE-SENSITIVE) :

    Effect Effect
    ammo All Ammo
    guns All Weapons/Gadgets
    skillz Earn more Skillpoints
    baddaboom Explosions send targets flying
    armor Full Armor
    health Full Health
    mods Get all Modifications
    kfa Get all weapons plus full ammo, health and armor
    god Gives you Infinite Health/Armor
    poltergeist Invisibility
    build Reveals version of game
    maphole Skip to the next level
    rosebud Spawns a snowmobile
    tears Unlimited Ammo
    pos View Position
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On 7/12/2017 at 5:38 AM, frodrorase said:

I didn't say the game was too hard. I just want to stop enemies from respawning, nothing else.

I know you can set the rate they spawn when running a server. Still researching on single player. 

The enemies spawn in parts of the game based upon actions (they set of the alerts etc) 

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This may be a bit late but I did have a norespawn mod from a long time ago.  Hopefully it's attached to this post.  It's a gzip file so you'll need to unzip it before running it in Nolf 2.  To get it to run, just load it like any other Nolf 2 custom map or mod.

  There are a few caveats to running this mod in single player but you can read all about those in the link


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Added file to the UHQ downloads
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I've added your file to the UHQ download Jill. 

It can be downloaded from HERE

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Thx you very much Eliteone.
As much as I love Nolf 1 & 2 (I have both retails version), stealth is completly broken in Nolf2.
The fact that knocked down enemies will woke up by themselves + respawning killed any hope to play stealth.
Respawning enemies is one of the worse trick in the bag of dev.

I have played Nolf 2 multiple times since the release, I think I will love this playthrough.

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