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Yet another sound problem.


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I got this really weird and irritating sound bug while im playing.

The problem is that sounds from guns, gadgets, conversations and other sounds, doesn't play unless I am moving.

That means that if I'm not using the wasd buttons or moving the mouse around the sound won't come out.

For example when I'm taking out a item, lets say the Katana, and I don't move the mouse the "swiiiiiiing" sound won't come out. That is unless I move something and what is left of the sound file will be played like "iiing"


Its hard to explain but the sound plays... it just doesn't come out of my speakers unless I trigger it by moving.


I've already installed the 1.3 patch, and I have tried reinstalling WMFADist.exe just like its descriped in the sticky on this board, so I have no idea on how to fix this.

And btw I have a brand new computer that I play this on so it shouldn't be a compability problem.


Please help me fix this.

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I have no idea. Maybe you could tell me were I should look for it.

But as I said the pc is brand spankin new.


Have you even heard about this problem before.



with some onboard sound chips yes.

So what is the make and model of the PC? (example Dell Dimension 2400)

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I can't find any place where it says what model it is.


But couldn't you just tell me some possible solutions to this problem?


I suspect it has to do with the driver for your onboard sound. The model number would help identify what onboard sound it is. I suspect its a audio Codec or something along those lines. If you can go into device manager and identify the sound system by clicking on it's properties.


On the back of your PC there should be a service tag (all OEM PCS have one) that identifies it's make and model and date of production.


However you can try these steps to:






If the in-game sounds and dialogue (voices) do not play, or there are

problems with the quality of these sounds, then please try each of the

following steps (in order) before playing again. Note that you should only

try one solution at a time, since trying them all can greatly reduce the

overall sound quality of the game unneccesarily.


1. Make sure that you have the latest drivers available for your sound

hardware installed. These can usually be found on the manufacturer's



2. From your main installation folder (Default C:\Program Files\Fox\No One

Lives forever 2), double click on the file named WMFADist.exe, and then

follow on-screen instructions. This will manually install the audio codec

that is required by the game.


3. From the in-game sound options menu,change the sound quality option from

high to low, or vice-versa.


4. Refer to the sections below for specific troubleshooting information for

your particular sound card.


5. From the Nolf2 launcher application, click on the "options" button and

then click on the box next to "Disable Sound Filters".


6. From the Nolf2 launcher application, click on the "options" button and

then click on the box next to "Disable Hardware Sound".


Please note that since No One Lives Forever uses an MP3 codec for sound, the

Nimo codec pack may cause speech and sound to drop out completely. Please

uninstall the Nimo codec pack before installing No One Lives Forever 2. If

you have already installed the game, please uninstall both the Nimo codec

pack and the game, and then reinstall the game only.


Also, subtitles will not appear in the game if you do not have a soundcard,

or if your soundcard is not detected, or if you have disabled sound

completely in the advanced options menu.



There have been some reports of static during hitches in game performance on

various sound cards. We're still looking into this.




If you are using DirectX 9, you may experience performance problems when

enemy gunfire is heard. This is a driver issue. To fix the problem, lower

your sound hardware acceleration level in the control panel or in the sound

section of the Dxdiag utility.


You may experience missing sound effects and speech with older drivers

(v.4.xx). It's highly recommended that you update to the latest series of

drivers (v.5.xx) to correct this issue. You can check your current

driver version as follows:


1. Click on the "Run" option from the Windows start menu.

2. Type "Dxdiag" (Without the quotes) in the command line and press <Enter>

This will initiate the DirectX Diagnostic Tool Menu.

3. Select the "Sound" tab to see information on your sound hardware.

4. In the right-hand column of this window is your sound card driver




If you’re experiencing speech and audio dropout, please try the following:

Initiate the NOLF2 Launcher, click on options, click on the "Disable

Sound Filters" option. Also check on the Creative website and obtain

the latest driver.



Weapon fire and AI voices may stop playing during heavy firefights. An

updated driver for the Audigy will fix this issue. Also, EAX sound filtering

effects on some weapon sounds may not reset correctly after climbing out of

water or other areas.



The volume of certain sound effects may seem unnecessarily loud. A future

driver from Hercules may correct this issue.



Music throughout the game may be muffled when using these cards. Currently

the manufacturer does not supply DirectX 8.1 audio drivers.



All aspects of game audio suffer from high-pitched static and popping noises.

An updated driver (V1.13) should correct this problem and can be found on

NVIDIA's website. (www.nvidia.com)



If sounds seem missing or the volume of certain sounds changes erratically

throughout the game, please install the latest driver (currently v.4161) from

the manufacturer's web site. This should correct the problem.



The last available drivers for these cards with Vortex chipsets are not fully

Direct 8.1 compatible. Therefore, these cards cannot be supported in NOLF 2.

Users of these cards may experience muffled background music, and missing or

muffled sound and dialogue.


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