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does anyone have a link to NOLF 2's GPL'd source?


I'm referring to the source code they released with the GPLv2 license attatched. Not the one included in the original sdk. 


The only evidence I have that it even existed is articles talking about it and a github source based on it, that lacks the original license.txt. 


I've even found comments that suggest that the engine was never actually GPL'd and that it was just a leak of the engine code. 

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I've never seen anything official that the Lithtech engine was GPLed. Unfortunately without something from Monolith / LithTech / Touchdown / etc it is best to assume the version floating around isn't legally GPLed. :/

The safest thing to do would be to contact Monolith and ask them about the status of the engine license. All the links I've been able to find ultimately refer back to a post make here stating the engine was GPLed. Given that post has nothing to establish the legality of the relicensing (a text file in the source code is not sufficient as that can be faked:/) it is an area to be very careful about.

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