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Variety the spice of a nolfers life


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To try something new (change is good right?) I've set the North America Co-OP server to run the single player missions in the CO-OP gametype.


So if you haven't played the single player or haven't in awhile or always wanted to try it with some nolfing friends.


You now have that ability.



Happy nolfing ;)




ps: Thanks to Foo to the tips (some should remember the Voodoo Co-Op running like this sometimes

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Sounds like a great idea E1 :)



You know I almost fainted when I read your post :P kidding


server is up and going with this configuration.


Right now you can play the entire single player in there in Co-Op teams. I may trim it down some later though.


Should try it out it's kinda fun (Right Phantzen ;) )

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