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Folder refuses to get deleted...

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hey folks,


I want to delete a folder but the folder refuses to get deleted. The funny thing is...there's NOTHING IN the folder. :mellow:


What can I do?



Is your hard drive NTFS or FAT32 formatted? If FAT32, you can use any boot disk to get you to a dos prompt, then delete the folder in DOS. If it's NTFS, you'll need a boot disk which supports that file system. Good luck! (you could also use a live CD linux distro like knoppix -- boot your computer into Linux, and manipulate your Windows files to your heart's content! I use this method all the time to recover customers' data from corrupted Windows installs.)



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2 possible reasons that I can think of..


- Maybe some software uses this folder and won't let you delete a file/folder you just used in some cases (even if the program is shut down)




System protected stuff?


if so, try opening a Command Prompt window, then run taskmanager and shut down Explorer.exe

You should now be able to delete it by using good old dos commands :)

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the error message says: "File can't be deleted: source file or source file *something can't be read."


*no idea how to translate this...but it says source file something :mellow:


Does a bell ring for anyone?



oh knix, I am a busy bee lately as I am in my final year at school (final writen exams in april), but will be back soon (I hope :P )...

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You can't delete it now...............a good topic is going


PS. yeah where have you been Caip???

PPS. I know really.........best o luck wid dem exams......make sure you pass.........no pressure :)


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Might be a hard disk problem. I had two hard drives in one of my coms awhile back. The computer took forever to boot up. The hard drive wasnt the primary disk luckily :P but I kept all my games/applications on it and I tried to delete a directory and got a file couldnt be read.


Well thats just a thing that happened to me, might not be your case. :P

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Just whack it with something like McAffe file shredder, bang gone!

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