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Cool Ping Program

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hello everyone. i found a neat program that will monitor your ping to various sites and servers. it's called pingplotter (PingPlotter). they have freeware and shareware versions of the program. i am having some ping problems and this program has been quite useful troubleshooting the problem. as you can see from the sample image, i am having a problem at the 5th hop. no matter what web address or ip address i enter, i always have the same 5th hop. now i need to figure out how to correct this problem. lol. if you think you are having isp problems, this might help.



IPB Image

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Do you have the freeware or the standard version?


Also, how do you check your ping to the game server? what address do you use?



i am using the pro version (free for 30 days). just type in the server ip address and hit the trace button.


the sampling settings are as follows (lower left hand corner)


# of times to trace "unlimited"


trace interval "2.5 seconds"


samples to include "all"


to get the server address hit the tab key while in the server. it's in the top left hand corner. you do not need the port number.


good luck

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OK....so if the address for the NS server is how do I enter that as an address? if I type it in just like above, it gives me ano data entered error. Spoon feed me please.



NM....just take off the :22220 and it works

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Then what? I have no idea what to do with the info it gets or what any of it means. :blink:



um.....i don't know. lol. j/k. you can save the info as an image. in my case i called my isp to complain of high pings. they gave the standard "it's not us, it must be you" comment. i was then able to show him the image. he put me on hold for a moment and when he returned he said "hmm. yeah there seems to be a problem and we're looking into it". :) end of story.

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