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QTracker Master Server offline after 1st August 2017

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Our last straw, QTracker will shut down their Gamespy Emulation Master Server at 1st August 2017. 



Well, I started off this evening shutting Qtracker down.

After playing Ark for a bit, clearer heads have prevailed and I'm just shutting down my Gamespy emulation. Unfortunately the minority is ruining it for the majority and my Gamespy servers have been the target of many attacks within the past few years. This has resulted in downtime, lots of wasted money, countless wasted hours (that could've went towards the new version of Qtracker), and tons of stress.

So, all of Qtrackers Gamespy emulation servers will be shut down on 8/1/2017. This should give mod authors plenty of time to move to other solutions.

And the Forum is blocked, there QTracker says


Gamespy emulation is going down on 8/1/2017. The forums are down temporarily so I don't have to listen to people complain.

So the only way to join servers would be via the external programm URA or via OneOakWay.com. So the old fashioned way to join the servers via the nolf menu, won't be possible anymore. I find it incredibly stupid that you cannot even do some kind of petition in his forum, because he shut it down - make in accessible for others to write / retrieve technical help - although I do understand it, I find it still a bit childish.
And who else is using QTracker? Counterstrike players? Why should they use an alternative master server? 


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If you use URA's launchers they point to the "master server" that I've been running since the old master server shutdown. I have it setup to broadcast NOLF, NOLF 2 and Contract Jack servers.

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11 hours ago, egoicepick said:

Hoi Eliteone, I haven't tried it yet, but is it possible to put multiple servers and register them via URA's launcher?

If you use the serve launcher then the servers will register with our master server.

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I posted on ego-clan.com/howtoplaynolf.html about different ways of joining a nolf server after 1st August.
I also figured out a way how to register my server with URA-Multiplayer programm, but it makes my taskbar on the server quite messy. (3 servers + 3 cmd programms running in the background to keep URA's Server updated).

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"Vietcong" solved this problem:

Qtracker is shutting down gamespy emulation:
This would make the Vietcong in-game serverlist unavailable.
@Brchi has created a new gamespy emulation server as a replacement.
Players are asked to change their hosts-file entry:
Old Qtracker: master.gamespy.com
Replace with new server: master.gamespy.com

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