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Are you the proud owner of an old machine? Looknig for games or other software for it? Post here! For example, I have an Atari Falcon030 and an Atari 520STf, if anybody needs anything on those computers, let me know!

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After few research, This game seems to be the only LucasArt games who doesn't run on ScummVm.


I've installed DosBox a Dos emulator with i can play, I play

- Lemmings

- Worms

- Dune 2

- Colonization

- Superski2


Last Holidays I've almost done Indiana Jones and the Fate Of Atlantis but I've had a damn problem at the end of game sad.gif


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Hi, goo... you gotta get this patch ->


...and then, in your game directory, try to run the game's .exe in windows 98 compatibility mode. Just in case, even if I'm sure you know that already, right click the .exe file and click "properties", then "compatibility", and tick the checkbox called "run in Win 98 compatibility mode".


It should work. I've taken a look at several forums, and this solutions debugs the game almost every time.

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Oh oh oh! I want to play this one LucasArt game, but whenever i try to play it , it like...lags and then goes in a coma...and I have to restart my computer. The game in Grim fandango...


is there like a patch?

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