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Change model attachments

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There are a few server sided mods around that change attachments on the models.

The Lunacy Mod is one such server sided mod that alters most of the characters. I've

haven't seen a client side mod that does the same thing yet, but maybe there is

one someplace.




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dead easy to make, just edit the modelbutts.txt folder and choose to attach whtever .abc file to any body part u like, great fun, must make a mod for my site 1 day, I have 1 somewhere tht makes cate smoke a cigar and ware glasses permantly :) in MP.

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The reason u relate it to hosting is casue it is normaly run as a side server mod by hosts, and affects all teh players, but there is no reason u cannt make u own and bang it into a .rez and put it in your custom folder, it works, i've tried it.

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Strange, because i tried it too, and it didn't work.

I host - i have the attach

I join - attach is gone

And the reason why u cant do it is - What if several people do it at the same time? For one model different attachs at the same place?

That's why its assigned at the server.


Ok lets try it this way, If some 1 had on the Cate Archer Nude skin and ran tht in there Custom folder it would edit their character in the game, but only they could see the effects, thus not side server, and another person could run say Cate Archer as a Clown and this would chage the appearence of Cate for them aswell, but not for everyone.


The thing with this attachments thing is you can run it side server to affect all the players in the server, or you can run it to only affect you in the game, If you are running this mod on your pc it will NOT affect any other players who tried to run the same mod, as it is on their pc and not the server.


Also note if you are running the mod on your PC it will effect not jsut your character apperance but all the says Cate's you can see, such as teh nude skin, but jsut because it is effecting you dosn't mean everyone can see it.

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lol, nm, I cannot be bothered to argue

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