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Tron Dedit - weapon pickups

Johnny LaRue

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greetings to the unityhq community!


im constructing a sp map & i put a weapon item object on my

map so i can pick up the tron disc but i want to set it up so it will make a sound when i pick it up

& it will disappear from the game world once i grab it. i noticed in the weapon item properties

tab that there is an option for "pickup command". is there a setting i need to enter here? do i

need a trigger with a soundfx? i was also curious about how you can have weapons already in the players inventory when the level starts up.


Question #2


AI - i have a couple AI in my map but their heads & part of their bodies are black. i have used

different settings with ambient / object lights but i cant seem to light them up fully even though

the rest of my map is lit up fine.


any help would be greatly appreciated, thanx






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*From Nolf2's Dedit- Might be the same (after all, there is some Tron2.0 source in nolf2!)


1st question:

Place your SoundFX object near your Weapon object.

Properties: Might want to make it non-looping, and not starting on.


Weapon Properties: At Pickup, make the command something like this:

msg SoundFX0 on;


btw, welcome to unityhq community!

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hey ƒƒ5•ßahamutZero,


i gave it a shot but i couldnt get it to work. in Nolf2 when you place a weapon item in a level , you are able to pick it up (using the action key) , but for some reason in Tron , even after pressing the action key the disc goes into your inventory but the disc model stays in the game world. i keep hitting brick walls with tron dedit but maybe its source still has enough differences than NOLF2. im gonna give LDSO's site a shot



thanx for the reply














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