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Real solution to stutters and framerate fluctuations

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First of all, I'm spanish and my english is bad, sorry.


I've reinstalled NOLF 2 a few days ago and I find the 'framerate fluctuations' error. This error becames when an enemy see my character. I search in a lot of sites a solution but any can help me.


Finally I can find a real solution. Really, it's a music related bug, but I think isn't a codec error. I think is a sync game actions/music problem. Dynamic music has some kind of sync with the game, but the sync clock of music is limited in time, so a high framerate in game can desync game/music and then we have a stuttering effect in screen ( have I said I'm spanish? :) )


So, screen vsync is a real solution, but only if we have a limited screen refresh. So, I always play with 100 hz in monitor, and then vsync tweak don't work with my stuttering problem. In same way, a lot of people with 100 hz don't find solution to this problem.


Solution is down monitor refresh to 75 hz and then activate vysnc (and triple buffer for smooth framerates). 85 hz is posible but in some areas there are a little stutter yet.


Because of this, with my older pc some years ago, I don't have this error (I have always framerates minor than 75). But now, with my new pc I have always framerates over 100 and then music sync turns crazy.

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Hello and welcome to the UnityHQ forum.


Yes monitor refresh rate can effect the video in the game. Also turning off the V-Sync in some cases can help those with video issues too.

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