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Getting Around Walls

Cheese Puff

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I am finding I am regularly being killed by people camping on corners and shooting around the wall, yet when i train my sight I can not even view a name let alone see any of their charachter.


If I try something similar I am sure I am obvious, as I am often seen (and shot) immediately.


Is there some way of altering your lean angle, am I just lame, or is it something else?

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some people lean really well. they just practice inching up to the corner and peeking their crosshairs over and then there are others that lean impossibly well (yes, there is a way to alter your lean angle but its considered a cheat)



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Yeah, like Blue said...


I think its getting out of control you cant walk without leaning or else you get taken down :blink:


The only person who has never leaned before is Lodingi, congrats Lod! :)


lol. thx fox. i tried to be a good leaner but i just can't sit still. i don't have the patience for it.


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